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Channelled Spirit: Absence & Loss


During a recent Spirit Writing Circle, I gave my students words that describe emotions to give to Spirit as a prompt or subject. This lead to the following piece channelled through me that I thought I would share.

” Absent, missing, empty, loss, grief. The family of experience that explores connection, however, fleeting. To truly connect and give freely of Self, one must first experience brief bursts of belonging and bonding. These bursts trigger the diverse layers of emotional yearning and needing that arise when sharing one’s affections, love and indeed actual Self with another living thing. I emphasise “thing”, for in these brief interludes of complex but simple linking the recipient may be animal rather than human. In fact, bonds with animals, and one might conjecture, places too, start the process of “Giving of Self” quite nicely.  For they offer a less complicated relationship, one-sided if you were. As humans, infants in the emotional area, explore euphoria and sorrow, love can and does bring animals; providing a safer learning ground than the muddy and complicated,  and sometimes insane human emotional/love landscape. To appreciate that you have a thing, connection, in this case, you need be able to recognise its presence in your life, Self,  environment e.t.c. Without having experienced its absent, you can not discern and allow the understanding and sensations associated with its presence. Moreover, you can not discern the quality of it either. Insufficient date if you will. The human is not unlike your computers of today. Insufficient data produces incomplete analyses and hence, incomplete understanding and allowance. Death is also a key factor in humans, it is inevitable. Therefore, absents prepares the human mind and heart (figuratively speaking), for that loss. To better facilitate the grieving process. “Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all” maybe a poetic line but it holds an essential truth within. Without loss, you cannot measure your experience of love. One reality needs the other to create certainty. ”

The channelled piece was signed “Max”  (we know nothing more about him).

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Trance Mediumship: Trance Cabinet

There are several photographs on display at The College of Psychic Studies of how the rooms (especially on the top floor) were used in the past; such as Harry Prices’s laboratory.

A student asked me about one of the photographs and what the large curtained off area was for. I explained it was a trance cabinet or a variation of one. This led to the obvious question – ‘What was that and what was it used for?”

A trance cabinet is used with trance and physical mediumship.

What is it?

Literally, a large cabinet that the medium sits in. It can have three sides and a lid with curtains down the front. Or be a corner of a room that is curtained off across the diagonally making an enclosed area (floor to ceiling). A trance cabinet is often painted black with black curtains but historically they were unpainted dark wood and the curtains were mostly burgundy velvet (similar to theatre curtains).

What is it for?

  1. To contain and enhance energy. The cabinet (box) acts as a vessel to hold the energy and as such amplifies it. Over time the cabinet builds more and more energy, holding the trance vibration.
  2. To act as a back backdrop for the audience watching. It is easier to see energy against a very dark or very light background.
  3. Most importantly the cabinet was used to prove physical phenomena was created by Spirit rather than faked. In Victorian times physical mediums were tied to a chair (wrists and ankles) and gagged placed inside the cabinet and the curtain would be drawn. The physical phenomena would then occur outside the cabinet in the room, such as sounds, voices, apparitions. Afterwards, the curtain would be drawn to show the medium was still bound and gagged. One famous incident included the mediums suit jacket being turned around. When he was bound his jacket was on the right way, but afterwards when the curtain was pulled back his jacket was on the wrong way round (buttons at the back) – seemingly taken off him and put back on again by Spirit whilst the curtain was drawn.

Are they still used?

Yes, physical mediumship circles still use them as do trance mediums. They are a wonderful tool when developing as a trance medium even if phenomena is not being produced.


Sharing tips and information as a professional trance medium 🦋

For more information about The College of Psychic Studies visit their website – https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk

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Channelling and Trance Mediumship: What are they?

Mind Metaphor

Misunderstood, often feared and rejected as nonsense, these techniques are one of the oldest forms of Spirit communication and one of the newest.

Firstly, trance mediumship is the oldest form which has references throughout history such as the Sybil’s at Delphi who entered a trance to receive message from the Gods; it is also related to many spiritual practices in religions and cultures all over the world who use an altered state to speak to the Ancestors or to receive wisdom. As with many things to do with Spirit communication it became prevalent during the Victorian era, many seances conducted by a trance medium (often producing physical phenomena). In the UK we have a great history with trance which was revered and highly respected.

Channelling is the newcomer. It bridges the gap between trance mediumship and mental mediumship. As we open up to the idea of Spirit and want to hear their wisdom more, Spirit finds new and more straightforward ways of delivering it. Mental mediumship has become synonymous with proof of survival. However, Spirit has much more they wish to tell us. Some of the wisdom can be delivered at the Inspirational level; historically most of the philosophy and teachings were delivered through a trance medium. That has its limitations.

“So what is trance mediumship?” in a nutshell allowing a Spirit to take control of your body, mind and energy for communication while your entire consciousness steps aside. Historically, many references are to Deep Trance where the medium has wholly stepped aside and is unconscious; utterly unaware of what is going on. There are consequences, and it needs to be in controlled circumstances which creates limits on when and where. 

Trance has many levels that break down into Light, Medium and Deep which refer to both the level of conscious awareness of the medium and the depth to which Spirit has blended with them (how deep within their Aura & Body e.t.c). Due to the issues with Deep Trance, you see less of it today, and when you do, it is often in a physical circle where phenomena are produced as they have a controlled environment.

Channelling is lighter than trance but still deeper than mental mediumship. In this instance, Spirit blends with the person Aura at the outer layers and take control of the mind extra. It too has Light, Medium and Deep levels that relate to consciousness and depth of blending. Light Channelling and Inspirational Speaking are “side by side”, as are Deep Channelling and Light Trance which takes an expert to tell apart. 

When people are channelling, you may see a glow around them or halo effect as Spirit is illuminating their Aura. You will also get less change to the voice and appearance of the medium and less personality or persona of the Spirit than you would with trance. We are seeing more mediums working at a channelling level now in the UK and many more in the USA such as Ester Hicks and Darryl Anka.

The UK’s heritage is with trance mediumship and the work of such greats as Ivy Northage, Ursula Roberts, Maurice Barbenell and Estelle Roberts who Spirit communicators are as famous if not more so than they are – Chan, Ramadahn, Silver Birch and Red Cloud. The wisdom of these Spirits is being read today; their legacy continues. A new generation of trance mediums is also emerging in the UK, and the tireless work of Spirit continues.

Sadly though trance and channelling are not as respected today as mental mediumship and hence the opening line; because it does not produce proof of survival (evidence which can be measured and confirmed). Instead, it delivers ideas, philosophies, teachings, guidance and healing that are all subjective. It is also easy to fake with people being misled by the ego. For decades the emphasis has been on mental mediumship, and this rare gem has got left on the shelf.

“Does it matter?” Yes. Spirit communication can touch your Soul and encourage profound changes in your life. Genuine trance mediumship is incredible and takes years of dedication and training to achieve and is a lifestyle choice as it can affect your body and understanding. Channelling takes less time to master and is less demanding on your body, which is why Spirit created these additional levels. Training to be a trance medium is a calling, more so than any other method of working with Spirit.

Both techniques are for communication for others, and it is essential to remember that no channel is 100% accurate, the medium is after all human and can have a bad day. An allowance for that needs to be made when listening or reading material from Spirit. The proof of Spirit is in the words and the delivery; the energy and feelings they create in you.

“Can I learn?” if you feel drawn to these forms of mediumship, you will need to find a development circle to join as these are not something you can or should learn on your own at home. Both take years to learn and require a level of personal development to ensure that your ego does not interfere.  Channelling is the easier of the two and generally is the best place to start. Trance mediumship takes the longest to learn and requires both personal and physical development. My advice is to try a one day workshop first to see how you find it. Developing requires dedication, trust and a good sense of humour.

Finally, understand that trance mediumship is very specialised and we are few in comparison to mental mediums. However, what we deliver is mighty and life-changing for us as well as those who listen.



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Channelled Spirit: How can we reconcile the death of a loved one?


A channelled message from Spirit, through one of my Spirit Writing students. She asked the question after a recent passing. The second paragraph references the person who passed as “her”, but the guidance is relevant for us all.

Question: How can we reconcile the death of a loved one and trust that all is well?

“Death will come to all at some point. Sometimes it is welcomed, sometimes it is feared. It will come nevertheless. What is death? The loss of physicality. The body dies and decays, and the spirit moves on. Humans mourn the loss of loved ones and less familiar humans. Sadness is a part of life. Loss is part of life. There is gain, and therefore loss is the balance. Balance is the key. You live, therefore, you will also die. But only the physical, substantial flesh dies and withers. The soul lives on and moves into a different realm. Do not mourn the soul, it is reunited with its true state. It does not mourn the loss of its physical framework. This was a vehicle for adventures and learning. Everything progresses, moves on; otherwise, stagnation would occur, and life would petrify.

Do not mourn the loss of your loved one. Celebrate her life and way in which she touched your life. No matter how briefly or intensely her impact, you connected. It is now time to release and disconnect. Memories can be held but gently. Do not suffocate them. Release your tears of both sorrow and of joy. Your meeting was important, and you both learned and gained from it. Time moves on, and goodbyes are in order. Be grateful. Remember with gentleness. Sing of her memory and deeds but do not dwell in the past, it is gone and is behind you. Look forward with gratitude in your heart as well as tears in your eyes. Life is for living and moving forward. The past is gone like a breath of air, fleeting, non-graspable. Do not hold it too tightly, release and let it breathe. Shine a light on it and give it space. Surround it with love and smile. “

from the Woodland Indian

SG, London

It is written via the method of inspirational writing through one of my Spirit Writing students. 


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Trance Mediumship: The Voice Within


The Voice Within

I have been teaching trance mediumship for over 15 years, and one question gets asked time and time again – “What can I do to help my trance work outside of class?”. Often, students are looking for a book recommendation; sadly there are not many. Instead what they get from me is to work on your voice!

Trance mediumship is, for the most part, a spoken form of mediumship, with Spirit using our vocals cords, larynx, mouth and tongue to produce sound  – specifically a voice that is distinct and their own. Including an accent, speech pattern, tone and of course, vocabulary. However, also VOLUME!

Don’t be afraid of your own voice

Regularly students are afraid of the sound of their voice. Public speaking e.t.c fills them with dread. Even though, technically, it is Spirit speaking and not you, your anxiety is a barrier or block Spirit have to overcome. Afterall they want to talk to people in groups or individually; it is essential to the work.

So, practice public speaking or at least speaking out loud and LOUD! On the stage, it is called PROJECTION, the ability to be heard at the back of the auditorium from the stage without shouting.  It is a useful skill for trance mediums, especially in today’s world where we have to contend with louder background noise than our predecessors. Increasing the volume without shouting is about your lungs and breathe.

Learn how to breathe or take up singing. Singing using many of the same muscles and is something you can do alone or join a choir (which is also great fun). It will help with stamina, breathing and being less intimidated by the sound of your voice.

Give your voicebox and workout

Your vocals, larynx e.t.c need using. Practising toning or chanting can help to strengthen them and make them more flexible; this will assist Spirit is producing a sound close to their own voice, or at least with more distinction, so it is obviously not your voice.

Remember also to work the facial muscle as they also help with the producing sound. So, yes, you will pull some silly faces, but it does help. Try – Do, Re, Me ….. e.t.c opening the mouth wider and increasing the volume. It is an excellent exercise to limber up the voice.

Let’s not forget the chakra

Spirit will use the physicality of the cords, mouth e.t.c to produce sound but before that, they will connect to your throat chakra. If that is blocked, then the work will be blocked too. It is essential to clear the throat chakra (well of all them in fact) and be able to expand it for trance work.

You can work with your chakras alone and at your own pace. Breathing with the chakras is a lovely place to start. Feeling and visualising, the breath flowing in and out of each chakra. You can move on from that to allowing the breath to push out any energy blocks in the chakra (remember to ask your Guides to take away whatever you release).

Likewise, practising opening and closing your chakras and aura (without working in between) to get used to the feel of it, build stamina and confidence. You need to know when you are open and expanded enough for trance work. It also gets your energy use to being expanded and contracted again.

Finally, stamina

I have used the word a few times in this piece, and it might seem an odd choice. However, it is very relevant. Trance mediumship is physically demanding. It might look like I am sitting in a chair doing nothing but that is not the case. The blending with Spirit takes energy; holding them here takes energy. Moreover, it burns through water, vitamins, minerals and other substances in your system at a physical level.

It can affect the chemical balance in the body such as hormones and metabolism. Historically, lots of trance mediums were also diabetic. Today, we understand the body more and can take better care of ourselves and our bodies. For instance, you may notice after a demonstration I drink a lot of water to rehydrate.

Never forget that trance is physical mediumship, your body is the vessel for Spirit. Part of our job is keeping it in good shape as well as making it a good fit.


[ One of my students has some beautiful singing affirmations. Check her out here – https://lesleycurtis.bandcamp.com/album/sing-yourself-free-starting-out ]


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Channelled Spirit: ​Where did the sense of Humanity go?

Outdoor meditation

A channelled message from Spirit, through one of Spirit writing students.

A Message for humanity

“The world is a challenging place. Life is full of distractions and challenges both to those who will listen and those who will not. Do not ignore your plight, step into the challenge and face your fears. Life is full of ups and downs, things seem right, and then they don’t. How to decide what is right for you. Nature calls for your attention, the nature around you – plants, trees, animal life and human life. Do not remain insular. Draw together, work as humanity.

Where did the sense of humanity go? Belonging, working together, rather than as disparate entities battling against each other; everyone for what they want without considering the needs of those around you and the world at large. Humanity needs to take responsibility for the way it is behaving. Time to end selfishness in favour of embracing one entire tribe. There is no separateness. There is a wholeness and completeness. A balance is possible but not if everyone works as a separate identity. Tribes work as a team, they consider their effect on the landscape, animal life, resources. The earth is a great treasure. Step out of your wants and desires, there is plenty there for everyone. 

from the Woodland Indian

SG, London

It is written via the method of inspirational writing through one of my Spirit Writing students. 


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