Hello world!

This is my first post using wordpress so bear with me as I learn the ropes.

I have had a blog page on my – http://www.voicesofspirit.co.uk  – for sometime but didn’t really get into the swing of it. Now, I want to forge ahead with writing about what matters to me most and hopefully to those reading this blog.

I am trance medium, energy coach, spiritual healer and teacher, and I am passionate about Spirit Communication. By that I mean the philosophy, guidance and teachings that Spirit wish to convey to us and do so through trance mediums and channellers. It is a valuable resource of profound wisdom and knowledge that gets overlooked. Many come to see psychics and mediums searching for proof of survival but once you have received that there is a world of information that Spirit can impart. All we have to do is be willing to listen.

So through this blog I want to share some of my experiences of being a channel for Spirit as well as some of that knowledge that Spirit is sharing with us. Of course, I don’t expect you all to agree with everything they say, we are all unique, but I hope you open your heart and mind, and read it and see how you feel. If it resonates, keep it, if it doesn’t ignore it.

Happy reading.



One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Sarah

    I am really look forward to reading your new blog and hearing the messages from spirit. Having attended some of your demonstrations I am aware of the wealth of information and insight into our daily lives that can be gained from listening to spirit.

    All the best


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