Good Morning.

Last night some of my students explored movement whilst in the trance state. There is a notion that trance mediums do not move except for a few hand movements and they absolutely do not stand. Well, of course they can, Spirit want to be present when they are speaking to us and movement animates them more. There are several reasons for this – the more animated they are the human they appear and the more we relax when we see this and forget we are talking to Spirit. They have personalities so movements can articulate this personality. Movement, like sound, can generate energy and move energy, so some movement can be about enhancing the energy in the space or directing it to members of the audience who need healing. Trance healing is another application for movement as a lot of healing is given with the healer standing and moving around the patient so they can target various parts of the patients body as they give the healing. Of course, healing does not require the healer to move but again it is about the expectations of the patient (if you sat perfectly still with your eyes close does the patient truly trust you are doing something), and the movement of energy which naturally flows and has a flow.

So don’t be afraid of moving with doing trance mediumship, not every Spirit will want to move but if they do and you don’t let them you will be blocking the work and this will limit it. Sometimes Spirit just want to experience movement once and then don’t do again. So don’t allow an old idea to block your work.

Instead let is MOVE.



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