Me & My Sitters

I am lucky enough to have sitters and we meet once a month.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this the term Sitter, it is how all trance development used to be done. A development circle with everyone in the group developing at the same time is a modern concept for Trance. Originally if you wanted to develop you needed Sitters, their function was too, yes you have guess it, SIT. Meaning that sat to give energy to the one person who was developing. They would also interact and assist Spirit as they came through as well as give encouragement and feedback to the medium who was developing. Developing in this set-up took years (8-10 was not uncommon). Nowadays, trance is developed in the circle set-up with everyone learning at the same time with a tutor, which is usually quicker but does take a lot of control and understanding by the tutor to work.

I originally learnt and developed my trance in a circle format with a two great teachers, Elisabeth Roberts and Robin Winbow, both at the College of Psychic Studies. Though, I had began working professionally as a trance medium I knew that we never stop learning. To that end I found myself some Sitters and have been continuing my development this way for over three years.

Over the years the Sitters have changed and so has the purpose behind the sessions. They are now very much about experimenting with energy, communicators and much more. It is not uncommon for us to sit in silence for over an hour as Spirit have experimented with Energy. But on occasion Spirit Beings have come forward and spoken, even if only briefly. I think one of our favourites is a Major General who is incredibility non-polictically correct and very funny. Others have given us brief insights into different aspects of Spirit and different views on humanity and how we behave.

Last night we had a lovely energy who spoke about the face and our constant need to change it; instead of seeing our face in all its beauty as the roadmap of our life. They went on to speak about our inner beauty or light and the magnificence of our colours and energy, all of which can shine through. They briefly touched on Shangri La and that we have lost some of the meaning behind it and why we became aware of it in the first place. It was not about eternal youth but instead the eternal beauty of our light body/self when it is allowed to be seen. So in a sense that Shangri La lies in each of us waiting to be found.

I kind of like that thought, that if I can accept my face and see past it to my light-self, I can see the amazing sight that Spirit sees each time they look at us. Because they do not see our faces but our light-selves.

I wonder what next month will bring ..


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