The Energy of Dance

I regularly go to the Sadler’s Wells to see dance and on Saturday I went to Gala Flamenca : Todo Cambia. It was the third flamenco dance piece I have seen in recent years and they all strike me with one similarity – the power of the energy when they dance. When sitting and watching other forms of dance, such as ballet or contemporary, you are aware of the energy the dancers are using and the emotions they are creating. However, with flamenco you can become acutely aware of the energy they create, it is tangible.

Whether it is the fact that flamenco fuses music, sound and dance together with amazing passion and vibrancy that creates this energy or the fact that it draws the audience in. There is a real sense of willing them to dance with flamenco that you don’t get with other types of dance, where you are just a spectator, flamenco seems to have the power to make you part of it and hence adds your energy to the mix. At times if I focus I can see energy radiating of people and I nearly always see that with flamenco dancers, it is a joy to behold.

I do think though that the dynamic with flamenco is one we need to learn from. As a working trance medium I am acutely aware of when an audience is giving energy and when they are taking it away. If we could learn some of the draw or power of flamenco to encompass all who watch it, we could enhance the energy we had to work with in trance and then open to door to more dynamic ways of working with Spirit.

A lot of the power of flamenco is its story telling, even if you don’t speak Spanish, like me, you can see follow the story, which makes it very inclusive. Also the fabulous use of sound to accent the dance as well as driving it forward. Sound is an energy we do not use well enough, perhaps because we British don’t like to make a noise, but it is needed. The right sounds raise energy very quickly and the wrongs one bring it down again. In flamenco they beat drums, chime cymbals and clack castanets but mostly they use the feet to stomp and stamp out the sounds and rhythms whereas as mediums sit still almost like statues. Perhaps we need to break out of the mould and move, make more of our presents before we step out and let Spirit step forward. It is not about arrogance and shouting out our praise but instead not being afraid to be seen and heard.

Not being afraid to tell our story every time we work, as we are important a part of the process as Spirit.


One thought on “The Energy of Dance

  1. Hi Sarah, I just found your blog. I think the question as to whether to raise your energy/vibration before sitting for trance mediumship is a good one.

    Frankly, I don’t see why not? I sit a physical mediumship group and we do sing at times to raise our vibration when the energy in the room falls.

    Last year I took a mental mediumship course with James Van Praagh and he had the class dance and sing at the beginning of each class to raise our vibrations.

    Angela Artemis

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