The Spiritual Message of Having Builders

I am currently having some renovation work done on my house which has meant needing to take the bulk of April off from working. Of course once I knew that was the case my mind went into overdrive about the writing projects I could get done, and the filing, the sorting stuff on my computer .. and on and on. And guess what, three days in and I have managed to answer one e-mail.

Being mindful, I noticed I could not focus and all those thoughts that had been running around my head had upped and left. My mind is a beautiful void. So, here is the spiritual message – BE SILENT! DO ONLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO AND NOTHING ELSE!

Not an easy thought but that is the point of the exercise. I have been asking Spirit for ages with help to make my home nicer and deal with some of the problems – all of which the builders are doing – so I asked for this and now I need to enjoy it. Everyone I spoke to about the builders wished me luck as we all know the chaos and stress this experience brings and so of course I set myself up for just that. But, all that does it create that reality. So spiritual message number two – YOU MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT, NEED AS WELL AS WHAT YOU FEAR AND EXPECT!

So, I am stepping back from the chaos and mess, from the need to fill my time with something productive and instead I am enjoying the chance to do nothing, enjoy the sunshine, read a book (wearing earplugs), plan to see friends and de-clutter. Who knew my kitchen held quite so much stuff and we probably only need half of it.

What a gift Spirit have brought me.



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