Teaching Trance Mediumship requires trust

There are times in life where you realise how blessed you are what joy there is. When teaching trance mediumship on Monday night I had one of those moments.

Spirit and I are always pushing the boundaries of trance mediumship and Spirit communication as we feel this is an essential part of the process and the future of the work. However, this requires me to teach from a place of trust as well as knowledge. As we were setting up the class on Monday night I got clear images and impressions from Spirit about the layout of the chairs. My students will remark on my varied arrangements of chairs and constant instruction that a circle is not the only shape.

Anyway, Spirit had us set the chairs up in an unusual format, and my students trusting me went along with it. So there they were sitting waiting to hear what they were going to do. But, at that moment I didn’t know. So, I got them to talk about something for a minute, knowing that Spirit would give me the rest of puzzle. I had to trust.

Sure enough, seconds later I was receiving the plan from Spirit. Oh Boy! They like to test us. Spirit wanted to come through two students at the same time and speak as if through only one. Here is where my trust of Spirit has to come into play, if I don’t trust what I receive I would undoubtedly alter the plan and then chances are nothing would happen or be achieved. Moreover I have to trust my instincts and knowledge to see how Spirits plan will work, so the BIG PICTURE, in order to explain the exercise to my students.

Now the fun begins because not only do my students have to trust me, in knowing that this is what Spirit what to try but also they have to trust themselves in actually trying it. So, with no expectation we gave it a go. And Oh My God, did Spirit not let us down. It was truly amazing to watch, feel and hear one Spirit Being, being within two students simultaneously but also speaking through them both in perfect harmony and continuity. And each pair of students had a different Spirit Being step forward, that was neither of theirs usual Spirit communicator.

For those of us watching we could just sit in awe and enjoy every moment. We saw the energy flowing between and around the pairs, we felt the merging, we heard and knew it was the same energy speaking through both students and we listen with delight and what was said.

And I smiled from ear to ear as Spirit delivered not only a truly inspired experiment but a truly moving one for all present. As I sat there watching my student having a unique experience, exactly as Spirit had shown it to me, I acknowledge how blessed I am to work with Spirit and what absolute joy it gives me.



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