Answering the big question

Today I have a friend coming to sit and talk to Master Chou so we can make a new series of Pod-Casts for my website. Spirit have so much to say that I am struggling to decide what four questions to put to him.

I have considered 2010; the law of attraction; the law of abundance; even why are we born, but I come up against the same issue. Are any of these the BIG QUESTION? That one question we should be asking Spirit but perhaps are afraid to or even not ready too. Somehow these topics seem mundane and unimportant, even though I know they are not and many of you will be really interested in what Master Chou has to say.

I know I over think things, but that is how I am. I know I should ask Spirit for inspiration but that almost seems to miss the point, which is that we should be able to ask the right question. That is about us learning and not being spoon fed by Spirit. The last time I did this exercise I emailed everyone on my mailing list and asked what would they like asked. I only got one reply and that was personal question and clearly missed the point of the exercise.

So perhaps the big question is – Are we actually ready to listen to Spirit and act on what information is given?

Any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Answering the big question

  1. Sarah,
    Why don’t you ask Spirit how you can and Master Chou can help mankind? What can you, the channel, do with Master Chou’s wisdom that best serves humanity?

    Let us know how it goes! I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast.
    Most Sincerely,
    Angela Artemis

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your comment, I have asked that in the past and the reply is always the same – go out and let people hear us speak. This is why I started the pod-casts and recordings so it was easy for people to access the wisdom and knowledge that comes through.

      So I wrote some questions for Chou and he promptly wrote new ones which we did. They were: –

      Why is there suffering in the world?
      What happens when we die?
      Healthcare – Medicine or Complementary?
      Life after 2012?

      It was interesting how the answers flowed from one question to the other and in fact they inter connect. I will post a note on the blog once they are uploaded to the site and accessible.

      Best wishes,

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