How we limit Spirit.

Being a trance medium means being a clear channel. But what does that actually mean, firstly energetically clearing as many blocks and issues as possible, of course over time you will resolve more and more but initially personal development is required to clear yourself. Secondly, looking at your beliefs and expectations. We all have them, and they get in the way. Personal development resolves physical, emotional or mental issues but spiritual development is also required to raise your understanding of how it all works and why it exists.

Many come to trance development with very set views and narrow thinking and that then limits the work – remember “like attracts like”, so if your thinking is narrow, so is that of the communicator who works with you. Broaden your mind and broaden your Spirit communication. Beliefs are part of us and you will all have some and I don’t mean to dismiss them, but instead, to ask you to look at what they are and do they really serve you. Often we pick up beliefs from others and take them on board without really considering them or thinking of their impact on us. Know yourself, that’s what trance work needs. How can you move yourself out-of-the-way if you don’t know who you are. Personal and spiritual growth is part of developing as a trance medium.

Consider this, would you be happy for Spirit to speak through and say something you disagree with? If not, are you a clear channel? What are the boundaries  or limits on what you are comfortable with them saying, those are the limits you put on Spirit. The more open we can be the more we allow Spirit to speak freely. Chou and I, do not agree on everything, but when we don’t agree I sit back and think about what he has said and why I disagree, this is how I grow and that is the gift I receive for doing the work.

Being a clear channel requires an open mind. How open is yours?


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