The Inner Compass

I have exciting NEWS, I have joined forces with three other amazing women to launch The Inner Compass. The ladies are Avril Price, Martha Brett and Michelle Hawcroft – all tutors and sensitives at The College of Psychic Studies. Each of us works with Spirit in a different aspect and has spent years learning our craft; through that learning we have gather a lot of information on being spiritual and physical in harmony. Now we want to share what we know!

Our goal is to assist you in navigating your way through life’s journey. Tuning into your soul’s map by connecting and balancing the different parts and aspects of self.

Those of you who read my blog and newsletter will know that this has been my focus for 2011 as so the synchronicity is perfect. As a lightworker I know it is not only about Spirit Communication but more importantly it is about the evolution of soul and the human race to a higher level of conscious understanding. Years of talking to and listening to Spirit has opened my mind and heart to limitless nature of Spirit and moreover our own potential to harness that for our highest good.

With these three ladies I hope we can deliver some unique and truly magically workshops and events throughout 2011 and beyond.

If you want to know more, why not join our Facebook group




One thought on “The Inner Compass

  1. wonderful blog post, pretty informative. Im wondering why the alternative experts in this industry fail to understand this. It is best to continue your creating. I am self-confident, you do have a large viewers structure already!

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