Master Chou and Other Voices

I tell my students to watch and listen to other channels so they can get a better understand of what the work is for and what to expect. The sad reality is that I get little time to do this or myself and that is something I want to change.

Many channels stay isolated, some through choice, some through circumstance. When I say isolated don’t misunderstand me, most channels will have lots of people who come to listen to words of Spirit; however, the channel is detached so not part of the process and often ignored. To give you an example, people often come to me and ask “How is Master Chou?” or once I was even asked “Do you and Master Chou sit down have a nice cup of tea together?” It’s often about him not me.

As the channel we are only the flesh, not the source of the wisdom or healing, so it can be very isolating. It is hard for those who do not channel to understand. Our communicators can become quite famous, whereas we remain anonymous. Even worse we are expected to know exactly the same level of wisdom as the communicator (yes, I know that is missing the point of a communicator but not everyone gets that) and when we don’t the disappointment or even distain in the persons eyes can be quite hurtful.

For the most part channels are alone. Worse still mediumship as a profession does not breed teamwork or camaraderie, unless it is with the dead. Mediums are often suspicious of each other; again this creates isolation. Within the channelling set there is a logic to the isolated view, it keeps us clear. The logic is that other communication could colour or influence our work.

I have seen this logic at work, making channels wary of each other. For me I embrace sharing. I enjoy watching other channels work and listening to other communicators. That helps me to grow as a person, and if I grow that creates a space where the work can grow. What more could I ask of myself.

For those channels reading this feeling isolated and alone, reach out, there are channels like myself who believe in the community and bonding the work should bring. I have a page on where I encourage channels to share and converse about the work. I hope this blog might encourage some more to join the conversation.

Looking forward to listening to more channels in the future.


2 thoughts on “Master Chou and Other Voices

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’m a medium, but not a channel. I’m sorry to hear about how isolating your work is. I’m very fortunate to have several friends who are also mediums. We love doing platform work together and completely trust one another. Are there any other mediums you can associate with who aren’t competitive and distrustful?

  2. Thank you Sarah for your candid sharing. I think for some of us, we do understand that it takes certain skill to empty out to allow Spirit come through and there is talent in this emptying/allowing. I can understand how mediums can sometimes live in the shadow of their guides, but I also feel that some of us are able to see trance mediumship as the true synergy it involves. I suppose channeling experiences can ‘happen to’ anyone, but it takes a lot of awareness to be a conscious channel and to live a conscious life.

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