Trance is Physical

I wanted to write about this today for two reasons – 1) a lack of use of two specific terms that describe mediumship and 2) the physical reality of working in this aspect of mediumship.

With regard to specific terms; I am talking about mediumship coming in two forms – Mental and Physical. Mental is mind to mind communication and covers all the “clairs” and inspirational. Whereas Physical is energy to energy and covers trance, channelling, automatic writing and physical mediumship (creation of physical phenomena). You rarely hear these terms being used in their wider sense anymore and that is a shame as they do tell you more about what is actually taking place. Problems arise with umbrella terms that don’t actually relate to the mechanics of what is taking place such as psychic art or psychic surgery – these can be done in many ways and may or may not include an altered state. Channelling is another grey area as there are many definitions of what it is; for me it is a lighter form of altered state work.

I do feel we need to embrace these terms and start being clearer about what all the words mean and stick to one definition. It is very confusing for students but even more so for clients. Without clear definitions how do clients know what they are going to get. I often demonstrate trance mediumship to large audiences and I ask them have they seen a mental medium in order to get a feel of their experience. However, the statement “mental medium” often gets a laugh as they think I am making a joke about mediums being mental and don’t know it is a technical term. Audiences are led by us when it comes to these descriptions and I personally hope they make a comeback and don’t get lost. I do feel we would be poorer for it.

My second reason for writing today is the reality that trance is physical, literally. We are sharing our energy, body, mind and much more with a Spirit being and that has it’s own cause and effect. At the end of a demonstration I often get asked does it leave me tired, something very few mental mediums get asked, so it shows that people realise there is something physical going on. However, it is not tiredness that it causes. Trance Mediumship effects us a physical level as in how our bodies adjust to the exchange.

I wanted to share my personal story as an example – I have a lot of physical damage to my skeletal structure from birth and hence I see an Osteopath regularly. She knows I work as a trance medium and has asked me to ask Master Chou if he was left-handed (I am right-handed). Seems like an odd question but she had a valid reason. My Mid-Line is always off to the left (a long way off). The Mid-Line has more than one explanation – it is the structural central plane and an energetic field/focus. Apologises for my brief explanation but I am not an Osteopath and this is only my understanding of it. For me the Mid-Line seems to be an invisible line directly through the body from top to bottom that denotes your centre, your skeleton and chakras align to it. Due to my birth problems I am rotated naturally but after years of working in trance my Mid-Line rarely stays put.

After years of wondering about way it moves to the left I have made more sense of it. Master Chou is not left-handed, he is a non-physical being so has no hands. Moreover, he is a spiritual-being and if you understand your energy system you should know that your left side is your spiritual side (if you are left-handed this can sometimes be on the right instead). As I am working spiritually my left side gets a lot of attention, being a trance medium and working so closely with Spirit also puts the focus on my left side and naturally my body wants to turn that way. So all in all everything keeps pulling me left, no wonder my Mid-Line can’t stay put.

Blending with Spirit effects us all differently depending on our personal physical state of being before and during the work as well as our personal learning as a soul. Though I practice grounding and am firmly here in my physical life by body sometimes (well most of the time) gets forgotten. One of my lessons this life is about honouring the physical body, enjoying it and balancing it. Quite a contradictions considering most of my working day I am in trance and out of my body, but isn’t that just how lessons work.

Trance mediumship needs you to be self aware – Know Yourself. It is key. By knowing I have a lesson about my physical body I can take better care of it and bring about more balance. That will not hinder my trance, but instead enhance it. Entering an altered state effects all of you before we bring Spirit in and let them blend with us. Should you wish to develop as a channeller or trance medium understand that you need to take care of yourself at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Trance may look still and peaceful but the reality is that you are working harder than anything else you may do but it is energetic so invisible.

I wouldn’t swap trance mediumship for any other job in the world but I do it with my eyes open and common sense. Working with Master Chou is a gift and his wisdom is an amazing reward, but it is up to me to ensure the work does not come with a price that I am unwilling to pay. Cause and Effect – it governs everything. I give my time (the price, though a very small one) and I get the knowing that Chou helps a lot of people (the reward) – not a bad way to spend a day.

Enjoy working with Spirit but do so in awe of the physical body that supports during that process.



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