Spring Equinox


Eostra – the spring equinox marks the beginning of the renewal, the start of natures cycle into growth. With spring comes new opportunities, challenges, offerings – nature begins to blossom, awaken and enliven. As this day unfolds the energy of nature is drawing all life into the possibilities of new.

Take a moment to sit and ask Mother Earth to join you. Feel her warmth surrounding you, her vibration is tangible and pulsating as she is the Spirit within our world. She is also the Great Mother so steps forward with unconditional love and a desire to nurture. Mother Earth can help you prepare for something new, she can help you open your heart and minds to a new opportunity. Ask for her guidance and support in creating something new in your life. Allow her inspiration to fill you and know she will stand by you on this journey.

To mark the day light a candle in her honour and give thanks to nature by leaving an offering – some seeds for the birds, planting a bulb, walking in a park observing her beauty – find you own way to celebrate the wonder of the natural world. Mother Earth will be touched by your act however big or small, it is truly the thought that counts.



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