A Spiritual View: Tissues

At a recent Inspirational & Automatic Writing class I set the students the task of allowing Spirit to write a message about a random object picked from their handbags. As always I do the exercise with the students. My random object was a packet of tissues; I though the message gave such an interesting take on them that I would share it. 

A gift from trees.

A gift from trees.


To wipe away your tears, to wipe away a runny nose. The humble tissue is a kind friend that catches your pain or joy and holds it for you. You may discard it or keep it, the choice is yours. The flow of tears is the body’s way of releasing and experiencing; and the humble tissue is part of that journey. Made from trees it is Mother Natures way of comforting you. A simple sheet of paper that can bring you so much relief. It also makes the experience real, rather than imagined; it gives physicality to emotional moments. Thus bringing it through your subtle energies as a complete experience. The paper absorbs what you want to release as trees absorb carbon, it is a continuation of that process. Trees are the great cleansers. They also act as memory holders, that can be burnt to heal or transform a pain. Tissues are humble and often overlooked but they are also a gift from trees to you all. A comfort, a friend, a healer. The word tissue does not do them justice, do not regard them as meaningless, instead see them as a token from Mother Nature; a way that she may share her healing with you.



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