Trance Healing

"Spirit Healing through a Trance Medium"

“Spirit Healing through a Trance Medium”

Trance mediumship as a subject is very misunderstood and often confused with other things such as overshadowing; this is where Spirit wrap themselves around your aura rather than blend with your energy. Overshadowing is often mistaken for trance but the mechanics are very different as is the purpose.

With healing, we are seeing a lot more overshadowing occurring as Spirit wish to draw closer and assist more deeply with the healing process, but this should not be confused with trance healing. During overshadowing the healer is aware and not in an altered state of consciousness, though the sensations they feel are very different from when they are doing spiritual healing and some senses can get distorted. The healer is still in control and should act accordingly.

With trance healing, the healer enters an altered state and Spirit Being blends with the healer’s energy system to facilitate the healing process.  The trance partnership (healer & Spirit control) creates a bridge for the healing energies to flow through at a faster rate and vibration. Spirit is also using trance healing as an avenue for working on the deeper levels of our energy systems and directly with our Souls.

As Spirit draw closer to us, wanting to assist more, we must act responsibly and ensure we are willing and understand the process. Overshadowing is a stepping stone rather than a destination and healers need to understand the differences. Should you feel your healing guides are drawing closer when you heal, think and act.

1. Speak to your Healing Guides – why are they are drawing closer

2. Check your boundaries – is this just a lessons for you

3. Don’t assume you are going into trance

4. Seek advice and guidance from a trance teacher & from your own guides

5. Learn about Trance Healing – remember you might NOT like working in trance

Trance healing is profound and complicated, it has the capacity to create great change and this must be handled with absolute care and integrity; working with Spirit in a trance state is a life choice.


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