Festival: Epona



Today marks the festival of Epona, a Celtic Goddess associated with fertility, maternity, cornucopia and protection of horses. She is often depicted with or on horse.

I wanted to mark the day by talking about the work Chou and I have done with a herd in Surrey. The herd is made up of 8 horses who have been rescued by Belinda and are now allowed to roam free as a herd as they would have done prior to mans intervention. Belinda works very hard to make their lives as peaceful and joyful as she can.

However, as they are all rescued each one comes with challenges due to the treatment they have received in the past. It was these challenges that first brought Belinda to Chou and I; she arranged a trance consultation and unbeknown to me planned to talk to Chou about the horses. After the session she told me how helpful he had been. It was quite a revelation to me; it had never occurred to me that Chou could work in this way. He was able to give Belinda insight into the horses character, past experiences and thoughts on how best to help them heal.

Since that first session, Belinda has consulted Chou often and we have been down to the visit the herd and work energetically on the land to assist the herd and people who lived close by. Mainly due to the fact that he horses are need several ancient battle grounds and other convergences of energy. Knowing Belinda and her herd has challenge me to open my mind up to working in different ways and connecting more to my own abilities – a trance session in a barn surrounded by twenty cats, a fox, countless birds and eight horses for an audience of five ladies (all who help to care for the herd) was quite an experience.

I know in my heart that I have only scratched the surface of what Chou and trance can do; I look forward to working with more horses both as myself intuitively and with Chou.





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