The Mind and Trance

Logic versus Creative

Logic versus Creative

Trance work requires an altered state of consciousness, but what does that mean. We often refer to stepping out-of-the-way or letting go but these are not very detailed descriptions of what we do or what occurs. With trance work the medium / vessel needs to detach from thinking, curiosity and awareness. Allowing the brain waves and activity to slow down. This is not a meditative nor hypnotic state; this is deeper than both.

Using a mediation practice (not visualisation) is a good starting point to observe your own behaviour and get use to detaching from your surroundings. But it does not completely prepare you for blending with Spirit. Now the curious mind needs to be stilled and that takes time. Initially students will hear what is going on, feel sensations in their bodies and be easily distracted. Developing trance requires dedication as you need to train your mind, your body and your energy system to accept this other being with minimal reaction and no consciously thinking.

Observing your behaviour when blending with Spirit is also key as this will highlight areas of resistance and blocks; likewise be honest about your desires and expectation surrounding the work so these can also be brought into balance. It is vital that you are open with yourself if you wish to be truly open to Spirit blending with you.

It is a privilege for Spirit to step into this world and speak through a trance medium likewise it is a privilege to be a vessel for Spirit.


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