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Hands United

I am currently running a monthly writing group for inspirational and automatic writing from Spirit. At our last meeting the topic of Unification was set – we left it open to Spirit to interrupt the topic, as we had been talking about the struggles in the world at the time such as Syria. I felt the pieces were really good and that I would share them – here are a few.


Unification does not mean pacifying. All too often in your history man has fought peace, bridled against it because you have equated it with weakness, with slavery, with disempowerment. But in true unification there is unbridled strength and wisdom. There is power without privilege. Power harnessed by wisdom is might directed and truth and bounty for all. 

True unification does not include – has no space for – resentment or prejudice or doubt. Most of your minds are closed to such a concept and have ridiculed or persecuted those few souls of greater wisdom and development who embodied it. 

For true unification comes from within before it can successfully be applied as a joining force with others.

True unification is between your soul, your spirit, your body and what you perceive as your mind. That is what you call being at peace with yourself.

But how many of you are? Unify yourselves – look within and still your constant search for peace outside. Find wisdom within yourself and then unify your little worlds – your family, your life. Only then will you have the depth of vision to look outwards with true accuracy. 

Unification is a concept that is beyond the minds of men. 

via Louise


Unification cannot ever happen with man. Each man is so different from every other man, with different experiences, culture, personalities, and environments. It is difficult even for a few men to be truly united in any way. They may have similar beliefs and outlooks on the surface, but underneath the real motivations and purposes may be very different.

We in spirit regard it as a blessing that man will never unify with man. What sort of world would it be if everyone believed the same thing and wanted to act in unison? Difference, change, these qualities are the life blood of all forms of life. Unification of any sort is always a fudge. Look to the qualities which bring about human evolution and development and unification will not be one of them.

Each man must exercise his own soul, and live a life according to his own nature and beliefs No one human set of beliefs is any better than another. 

via Christine.


We do not feel humanity is unified. 

We feel you are fragmented.

Disconnected from self, others, earth & spirit. 

We watch the gathering of minds and see little change of heart.

This current union is token. The absentees still object. 

Union, true union comes with acceptance not compliance. 

Humanity needs to learn the difference. 

Laws come and go but disharmony lingers. 

True harmony is permanent. 

True harmony is accepting. 

The world is changing, some for the better, some not. 

There is no balance. 

Union requires, indeed demands, balance. 

This is a token, a gesture.

To silence voices of concern. 

Sadly they will be and the horrors will continue for they will see this as a victory  and stop fighting for change. 

Unification is not the answer.

It does not offer a solution. 

For it does not address the underlying fear and distrust.

Enter into union with self.

That is more productive. 

Embrace the oneness of self and let the ripples affect the world. 

via Sarah


I hope you enjoy them and that they make you think. As with all Spirit communication if it does not resonate with you, let it go.

Best wishes,



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