Inspirational Writing: Health

Inspirational Writing

During my last Inspirational & Automatic Writing course I set the students some homework of connecting to Ascended Master and asking them to write about “HEALTH”. The students were advised to allow Spirit to write about the word as they wished and interrupt it accordingly. One student, named Armukara, delivered the following piece which I felt was quite beautiful so with her permission I am sharing it with you. Sadly we do not know which Ascended Master wrote it.

I hope you enjoy it.


“Health is more than just the feeling in ones physical body of wellness and feeling good – ‘healthy’.  Health is about the ability to discern the actions and the intentions of another towards you and also towards others in the wider context of the word others.

It entails and encompasses more than the individual, for the health and well being of one can and does have an effect on the health and well being around them in terms of the field of energy that is unseen, the quantum matrix that underpins all life, for it is often this field, this matrix of which we speak that thoughts, feelings, actions, conscious and unconscious, flow and so on are often sensed, absorbed by others for are we not all energetic structures and pin points in time within this matrix and thus is it so that the health and state of one can inadvertently affect a whole nation.

 The health of the planet is affected to some degree by the actions of humans, however the Earth is capable, as has always been, of balancing and adjusting to the whims of the human race, and thus the tables keep on turning and the atoms keep on spinning.  So is it too with you.  Keep turning, keep spinning, keep moving.  To move is good health.  Keep active, breathe deeply.  Enjoy the times you have to be alone and be.  Walk, talk and fly in your own rights.  Take time to just be, still and quiet, to reflect, contemplate, go within for too is this a practice of good health.  Good health for the mind and in turn the physical body too – mind, emotions and spirit.

Give rest and time to all.



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