What I do


Sarah Tyler-Walters – Trance Medium & Spiritual Strategist

Sarah works as a Trance Medium & Spiritual Strategist. Running a spiritual enterprise that supports people in their development – both physical & spiritual. Empowering people to transform their lives and fulfill their Soul’s purpose. In partnership with Spirit delivering profound guidance to educate & enlighten. As well as training, healing and coaching services delivered by Sarah.


SPIRIT GUIDANCE – a trance consultation with Master Chou, a wise spirit being, who aims to give you insight into your true self and path.

 Consultations £70 per hour

SOUL ALIGNMENT – a consultation with Sarah that is bespoke to your needs. The session is designed to assist you in aligning to you Soul and its purpose this life.

Consultations £50 per hour

TRAINING Sarah is also available for one to one sessions, classes & workshop. Sessions are bespoke to your needs and can include mentoring.

One to One £50 per hour

Consultations are Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays in central London or via Skype (subject to availability and Sarah’s teaching schedule).

Packages are available and can be made to your specific needs – contact us for more information.



07005 808805

Follow us on Twitter – @sarahtwalters & @askchou

Follow our Blog – voicesofspirit.wordpress.com & askchou.wordpress.com



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