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When we mention messages from Spirit most of us are familiar with the idea of these being spoken or delivered by a medium rather than in written form which gets sidelined for its flashier siblings. However, it is having a resurgence and rightly so.

“What is it?” simply put it is communication from a Spirit through a medium in the form of written words (this can include drawings). Historically, even the use of a ouija board was thought to be a form of automatic writing. Though today we have a better understand of the mechanics involved and can therefore be more accurate in the description; using Automatic Writing as an umbrella term. Spirit communication can come in pictures, sounds or feelings either via the mind as in Mental Mediumship or by blending with the energy system as in Trance/Physical Mediumship again two umbrella terms.

Automatic Writing therefore has several levels to it, the lightest being Inspirational which uses the same techniques and mechanics as modern day mediumship. The information is relayed from the Spirit through the upper chakra system into the mind and the medium then writes the information down. Then you have Channelled/Automatic which is done by the Spirit blending with the medium as for channelling or trance and moving the hand to write. The deepest level is Autoscript  where the Spirit takes full control of the medium to write or draw, and there is no knowledge or memory of it by the medium.

“What about your subconscious or ego?” Well yes, they can both write at the Inspirational level  and often do when people are journalling for their own self development. Indeed if the information is for yourself your subconscious mind might be the best place for the it to come from. That is why these techniques, as with all mediumship, should be handled with care and due respect. But more on that later.

Historically written messages from Spirit are hard to find as many have been lost. However, there were lots of examples throughout the Victorian times as these things became more acceptable and Spirit found it an easier way to communicate. One of the best-known automatic writers was Hélène Smith, who used the pseudonym of Catherine Elise Muller, born around 1863 in Switzerland. Reports of Spirit writing in languages unknown to the medium, the handwriting and facts of the Spirits human life being checked and proved, architectural drawings and notes being brought forth again checked against the originals; but mostly messages and notes written during Seances from those who had passed over giving proof of survival.

Today we have a surge of material coming forward as Channelled by Spirit which is fast becoming another umbrella term simply meaning from Spirit rather than explaining how it was delivered. It may well have come through Inspirational or Automatic Writing or more often it is in fact spoken and then typed up. “Does it matter?” yes and no, the value of Spirit communication is in the words themselves and what message they are conveying and they should resonate with you, otherwise simply ignore them.

“Can I do it?” Inspirational writing from your own Spirit Guides for yourself is a simple and useful techniques and takes only a little simple instruction to do. In essence the training is to ensure you are connecting to your Guides and to give you come confidence in the technique. Should you wish to start bringing through messages for others then this requires proper training. Inspirational writing for others uses the same mechanics as mental mediumship and therefore needs the same level of instruction and time to perfect. Messages can then be received from Guides or Spirits who wish to assist a person or humanity. However, at the inspirational level it is easier to interfere and an allowance for this needs to be made in the acceptance of the information. Much the same as when receiving a message from a loved one via a medium – sometimes you can accept it and it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t.

Should you be interested in learning Automatic Writing then instruction and training in channelling or trance mediumship is required and this takes longer to perfect; as the process requires the Spirit blending with your energy, taking control over your mind and body whilst your conscious and subconscious mind steps aside. To be honest we see less writing being done at this level as speaking is easier and often reaches more people. Saying that I am encouraged to see more people interested in the subject and emphasis being given to it by us and Spirit.

Finally “Do you do it?” yes. I am fortunate to be trained as both a mental and trance medium so have produced with Spirit writing at the Inspirational level as well as the Automatic. Whilst teaching the subject I often join in the exercise at the Inspirational level to give examples and messages to the students which are always well received. Master Chou and The Oracle, the Spirits I work with in trance have also written some pieces for the College which were delivered at the Automatic level. I consider myself to be a speaker not a writer so I am know without doubt when they have done the writing rather than me as it flows effortlessly and speaks to my heart.



One thought on “Automatic Writing

  1. Thank you very much for this explanation. I have often been confused about these different terms, but this explains in a way that makes perfectly sense to me 🙂

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