Creative Trance Mediumship


I am always surprised by how old-fashioned people’s thinking is when considering trance mediumship. Oh, how the world view has become limited.

Traditionally all communication from Spirit was via trance, whether that was philosophy, automatic writing, physical phenomena or proof of survival. However, today, trance is seen in a very limited way and often shrouded in fear and misinformation. Spirit are “trailblazers” always looking to be on the “cutting edge” of what is possible with the consideration of what we need as a people. As we advance in knowledge, technology, beliefs and evolution, Spirit is right there beside us doing the same with how they communicate and connect with us.

Trance mediumship as a subject and tool is very diverse and has the potential to expand even more, should we allow it. For instance, the Spirit Communicators have changed and now speak from many levels of understanding; they may have had a human experience or not. They are stepping forward to give words but these can be spoken, written, sung or even delivered a Soul level that only the Soul can hear.

In the past, Spirit communicators were often Native American Indians, Chinese Sages or Individuals who had a human life. But now we are seeing more Collectives and beings who have not had earthly lives. Of course, some of this is being driven by ego and human manifestation but it is also a fact that Spirit has changed how they work with us. More communicators are stepping forward.

I have both a Chinese Sage (Master Chou) and a Collective (The Oracle), they were definitely chalk and cheese when I first started working with them. That difference is now less, as my work with Master Chou has changed and grown. It is a privilege to work with such diverse energies. Likewise, the Spirit beings who work with me for trance healing are many and seem to cover many levels and vibrations and decide who is healing based on the client’s needs.

There is much about energy and spirit we still do not know, and Spirit loves to experiment. This is not about recreating the old but creating new and exciting ways of working and delivering information. As the human populations grow, so our need for more options and different ways increases. The idea of “something for everyone” is at the core of how Spirit works. As a vessel, channel and teacher it is part of my role to help create, by allowing Spirit to experiment and encouraging my students to not limit the potential.

Exciting times lie ahead for Spirit communication, but it is up to us to allow it and go with the flow.



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Who’s Speaking


When working with Spirit in an altered state it is important to know “Who is speaking to you and through you”. It’s interesting that students often doubt that it is Spirit and not their mind more than they worry about who the Spirit is and is their intention right. Working in an altered state is a wonderful tool for Spirit communication but as the vessel you are responsible for the what is said – so be sure about who is saying it.

Now that doesn’t mean what is their name as Spirit generally only use names to make things easier for us. But you should be certain that they are Spirit and what their agenda or purpose is. Students who come to trance training have often missed out on building a relationship with their Guides. This is vital to working safely and responsibly. They are their to support you, protect you and guide you.

We are always aiming to be a clear channel for Spirit and that requires us to reflect on our intentions, expectations and beliefs with regard to Spirit (as I have written about before). Having a good relationship with your own Guides gives you perspective and a foundation on which to build a relationship with a Spirit Communicator. Your first step should be your Doorkeeper – they are your bodyguard/protector from the unseen or energetic.

Having clear boundaries with your Doorkeeper about what you will and won’t accept, and, who can and can’t step forward gives your connection to Spirit a formality that is needed for professional work. Remember you can always change the boundaries later as you become more comfortable with the work and Spirit. However, if you have no boundaries any energy can approach you and claim to be Spirit even when they are not.

Be clear about what you are allowing and why, don’t be fooled by flattery and glorification – Spirit will speak to your soul needs not your ego. Get to know your own Guides, especially your Doorkeeper and have a clear sense of how Spirit sound and their behaviour towards you and others. If you have doubts act on them, get advice from a professional and challenge Spirit yourself.

They need to earn your trust as much as you need to earn theirs. Your Doorkeeper is your best ally, keeping you safe as best they can. Remember to give them permission to do more and ask for their protection especially when working with Spirit. Be responsible. (If you do not believe that there is anything that you need to protect yourself from, then that belief acts as your protection.) Protection is not only from negative forces it is also from influences that are not for your highest good.

Get to know your Guides, your trance work will be better for it.


Madge Gill Medium & Visionary

madge hill 2

Last night I went to a private viewing of the “Madge Gill Medium & Visionary” exhibition at the Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham.

This exhibition is exploring her work and her connection to mediumship. With no training and no aspirations to fame, Madge Gill (1882 – 1961) produced thousands of secretive ink drawings during her lifetime. Her work remains an enigma: is it true she was inspired by an ethereal spirit guide? Was she genuinely in touch with ‘the beyond’, or was art-making a form of self therapy?

The exhibition includes many of her pen and ink drawings including “The Crucifixion of the Soul” which is 25 ft long and acts as the focal point for the show. Her work contains the faces of women and intricate designs and patterns, they have a haunting quality about them.

madge figure.preview

Madge first mentioned her spirit guide – Myrninerest in about 1920 and in the 1930’s had a reputation as a medium and conducted seances. The exhibition also has pieces of the “automatic writing” that she produced. The College of Psychic Studies has also loaned several items to the exhibition which includes an automatic writing slate, seance trumpet and drawings by Georgiana Houghton. The College has also loans one of Ethel Le Rossignol paintings that is usually on display at the college.

The exhibition makes you ask the question – was she inspired by Spirit? We may never know for sure. I am seen similar designs being drawn by students when they do inspiration or automatic writing.

The Gallery kindly invited me to run an introductory workshop on “Inspirational Writing” to accompany the exhibition and give people a chance to connect to Spirit for themselves and see what happens. The workshop is also part of the Richmond Literary Festival. It will be interesting to see what experiences people have as Spirit draw close in such a beautiful place, surrounded by energy of Madge’s drawings.


Inspirational Writing Workshop

Wednesday 20 November

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Coach House, Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ

£6 / £5

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Trance Mediumship Tip: Breathe


I am often asked “what can I do to prepare for trance mediumship?”, many assume meditation is a good practice but actually that is not often the case. A better place to start is with the breath. Spirit use the breath as a conduit and support structure when they are blending with medium. If the breath is short and shallow, the blending will be also. Learning how to breathe deeply using the diaphragm and the full capacity of your lungs will enable Spirit to blend deeper with you and stay longer.

A lot of the work now is channelling rather than trance as this is often easier for Spirit and the vessel but it does have its downsides. Trance work has less room for interference but also requires more training and dedication to the craft. No short cuts or instant options here. Preparation of self is vital and being one with your own body and breath is a great beginning.

Practicing deep breathing will create a better place for Spirit as well as a more secure place for yourself as is centres you and creates calmness. Try to breath in your through your nose and out through your mouth – this helps the trance work later on when Spirit try to speak.

Finally deep breathing helps support your voice which is an essential part of trance mediumship.


The Mind and Trance

Logic versus Creative

Logic versus Creative

Trance work requires an altered state of consciousness, but what does that mean. We often refer to stepping out-of-the-way or letting go but these are not very detailed descriptions of what we do or what occurs. With trance work the medium / vessel needs to detach from thinking, curiosity and awareness. Allowing the brain waves and activity to slow down. This is not a meditative nor hypnotic state; this is deeper than both.

Using a mediation practice (not visualisation) is a good starting point to observe your own behaviour and get use to detaching from your surroundings. But it does not completely prepare you for blending with Spirit. Now the curious mind needs to be stilled and that takes time. Initially students will hear what is going on, feel sensations in their bodies and be easily distracted. Developing trance requires dedication as you need to train your mind, your body and your energy system to accept this other being with minimal reaction and no consciously thinking.

Observing your behaviour when blending with Spirit is also key as this will highlight areas of resistance and blocks; likewise be honest about your desires and expectation surrounding the work so these can also be brought into balance. It is vital that you are open with yourself if you wish to be truly open to Spirit blending with you.

It is a privilege for Spirit to step into this world and speak through a trance medium likewise it is a privilege to be a vessel for Spirit.

Trance Healing

"Spirit Healing through a Trance Medium"

“Spirit Healing through a Trance Medium”

Trance mediumship as a subject is very misunderstood and often confused with other things such as overshadowing; this is where Spirit wrap themselves around your aura rather than blend with your energy. Overshadowing is often mistaken for trance but the mechanics are very different as is the purpose.

With healing, we are seeing a lot more overshadowing occurring as Spirit wish to draw closer and assist more deeply with the healing process, but this should not be confused with trance healing. During overshadowing the healer is aware and not in an altered state of consciousness, though the sensations they feel are very different from when they are doing spiritual healing and some senses can get distorted. The healer is still in control and should act accordingly.

With trance healing, the healer enters an altered state and Spirit Being blends with the healer’s energy system to facilitate the healing process.  The trance partnership (healer & Spirit control) creates a bridge for the healing energies to flow through at a faster rate and vibration. Spirit is also using trance healing as an avenue for working on the deeper levels of our energy systems and directly with our Souls.

As Spirit draw closer to us, wanting to assist more, we must act responsibly and ensure we are willing and understand the process. Overshadowing is a stepping stone rather than a destination and healers need to understand the differences. Should you feel your healing guides are drawing closer when you heal, think and act.

1. Speak to your Healing Guides – why are they are drawing closer

2. Check your boundaries – is this just a lessons for you

3. Don’t assume you are going into trance

4. Seek advice and guidance from a trance teacher & from your own guides

5. Learn about Trance Healing – remember you might NOT like working in trance

Trance healing is profound and complicated, it has the capacity to create great change and this must be handled with absolute care and integrity; working with Spirit in a trance state is a life choice.


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Shh! Quiet Please!

Silence Please

Quiet Please

Trance mediumship has lots of obstacles from your ego through to being detached; but one of the hardest for students in the beginning is being distracted.  Usually the distraction comes in the form of NOISE.  I have had students comment that everyone was breathing too loud or they couldn’t concentrate when others where speaking and so on.  This has to do with one of the interesting aspects of channelling and trance, as you develop the blending with Spirit you get hypersensitive.  Things sound ten times louder than they are, even smells can be more acute.

This is simply your mind and senses trying to compensate for the alter state you are trying to create.  Much the same as with trying to meditate in silence your mind will suddenly start thinking random things or you will get an itch somewhere strange like your big toe.  It is simply part of our survival mechanism and it takes time to overcome.   Yes, it is our old friend TRUST again but this time it is about trusting yourself; knowing that you are safe.

I always encourage my students to work through the noise barrier because the real world, outside the classroom, is VERY NOISY.  A hundred plus years ago if you asked for silence you actually got it.  But today our version of silence often has a background noise that is 80-100 decibels in cities. I gave a trance lecture on Tuesday night – “Evolving your Energy” –  where Spirit stepped forward to speak about this dynamic subject to a background noise of roadworks right outside the window – and they were very loud.  Without a training in getting past noise it would have been impossible to enter the altered state.  Even the stage I was sat on was vibrating from the sound; but this is real life and real circumstances.

For Spirit to have a chance to talk to you as they wish to trance mediums and channels need to learn to work in less rarified locations and settings.  Would I love absolute silence, of course, do I ever expect it, absolutely not. As a channel it is my job not to be distracted, but to relax and let go regardless – something I aim to do to the best of my abilities.

So if you are learning about channelling and trance and someone is making noise see it as a gift not a nuisance.


Note: – Should you be interested in the content of Spirit’s lecture on “Evolving your Energy” is was recorded and will be available for download from my website – – next week (for a small fee).