Channelling & Trance Mediumship

Like Trance

Misunderstood, often feared and rejected as nonsense, these techniques are one of the oldest forms of Spirit communication and one of the newest. Firstly, trance mediumship the oldest which has references throughout history such as the Sybil’s at Delphi who entered a trance to receive message from the Gods; it is also related to many spiritual practices in religions and cultures all over the world who use an altered state to speak to the Ancestors or to receive wisdom. As with many things to do with Spirit communication it became prevalent during the Victorian era and most seances were conducted by a trance medium (physical phenomena is also produced via a trance medium). In the UK we have a great history with trance which was revered and highly respected.

Channelling is the newcomer. It bridges the gap between trance mediumship and mental mediumship. As we open up to the idea of Spirit and want to hear their wisdom more, Spirit find new and easier ways of delivering it. Mental mediumship has become synonymous with proof of survival but Spirit have much more they wish to tell us. Some of this can be delivered at the Inspirational level but historically most of the philosophy and teachings were delivered via trance mediumship; however, that has its limitations.

“So what are they?” in a nutshell allowing a Spirit to take control of your body, mind and energy for the purpose of communication whilst your entire consciousness steps aside. Historically, many references are to Deep Trance where the medium has completely stepped aside and is unconscious and completely unaware of what is going on – however, this has consequences and needs to be done in controlled circumstances which creates limits on when and where etc.

Trance has many levels that break down into Light, Medium and Deep which refer to both the level of conscious awareness of the medium and the depth to which Spirit have blended with them (how deep within their Aura & Body etc). Due to the issues with Deep Trance you see less of it today, and when you do it is often in a physical circles where phenomena is being created as they have a controlled environment.

Channelling is lighter than trance but still deeper than mental mediumship. In this instance Spirit blend with the persons Aura at the outer layers and take control of the mind extra. It to has Light, Medium and Deep levels that relate to consciousness and depth of blending. Light Channelling and Inspirational Speaking are side by side, as are Deep Channelling and Light Trance which takes an expert to tell apart. When people are channelling you often see a glow around them or halo effect as Spirit are illuminating their Aura. You will also get less change to the voice and appearance of the medium and less personality or persona of the Spirit than you would with trance. We are seeing more mediums working at a channelling level now in the UK and many more in the USA such as Ester Hicks and Darryl Anka.

The UK’s heritage is with trance mediumship and the work of such greats as Ivy Northage, Ursula Roberts, Maurice Barbenell and Estelle Roberts who Spirit communicators are as famous if not more so than they are – Chan, Ramadahn, Silver Birch and Red Cloud. The wisdom of these Spirits is still being read today so their legacy continues. A new generation of trance mediums is also emerging in the UK and the tireless work of Spirit continues.

Sadly though trance and channelling is not as respect today as mental mediumship and hence the opening line. This is because it does not produce proof of survival – evidence which can be measured and confirmed; instead it delivers ideas, philosophies, teachings, guidance and healing that are all subjective. It is also easy to fake with people being mislead by the ego for instance. For decades the emphasis has been on mental mediumship and this rare gem has been left on the shelf.

“Does it matter?” Yes. Spirit communication can touch your Soul and encourage profound changes in your life. Genuine trance mediumship is awesome and takes years of dedication and training to achieve and is then a lifestyle choice to continue as it has an effect on your body and understanding.   Channelling takes less time to master and is less demanding on your body, which is why Spirit created these additional levels. Training to be a trance medium is a calling, more so than any other method of working with Spirit but it is also the most rewarding.

Both techniques are for communication for others and it is important to remember that no channel is 100% accurate, the medium is after all human and can have a bad day. An allowance for that needs to be made when listening or reading material from Spirit. But the proof of Spirit is in the words and the delivery; the energy and feelings they create in you.

“Can I learn?” if you feel drawn to these forms of mediumship you will need to find a development circle to join as these are not something you can or should learn on your own at home. Both take years to learn and require a level of personal development to ensure that your ego does not interfere.  Channelling is the easier of the two and generally is the best place to start. Trance takes the longest to learn and requires both personal development and physical development. My advice is to try a one day workshop first to see how you find it. Developing requires dedication, trust and a good sense of humour.

Finally, understand that trance mediumship is very specialised and we are few in comparison to mental mediums. But what we deliver is mighty and life changing for us as well as those who listen.


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