Energy balancing continued …

Hi all,

I am still recovering from the effects of being ill in August and the on-going work needed to get back into energetic balance. At the moment my focus is on that fact that I am not grounded. Well, to be fair compare to many I am very grounded but compared to my usual self I am not. With my students we play a game about grounding where they give each other a score out of 10 (1 being not grounded at all and 10 being very grounded). It is good fun as it makes them connect to what being grounded feels like but also looks like.

Usually when we play this game my score is above 10, as my students recognise that I am very grounded indeed. However, at the moment my score is only 8. You might be thinking well I’d settled for an 8, but for me this is uncomfortable. I know I am not as grounded as I can be or like to be.

So I have put my attention into grounding more and working deeper with my connection to Mother Earth when I ground. At the moment my physical body is also no helping as it has reacted to me not being grounded by inflaming my achilles tendon in my right foot; which makes walking a problem and running for the bus an absolute no. Those of you who know about the energy of the body will be saying – ah thats a problem with walking your physical journey – well yes it is. My body wants to rest and do nothing else but my work commitments mean I need to strike a balance which I am not succeeding in doing. Let’s just call it a work in progress.

Being ungrounded for me, also means my attention span and concentration are not at their best, so I have to work twice as hard to achieve the same result as usual. Frustrating to say the least. But at least I recognise the problem. Many people are ungrounded and don’t realise that is what the problem is. When my students start working with me and we cover grounding they are often quite self assured that they are grounded and everything is fine. But once we do the exercise and they feel the difference there is a shift in them. After a few weeks, when they have been grounding daily as their homework, the shift can be quite dramatic. A simply five minute a day visualisation to root and anchor yourself really does have a huge effect.

My parting thought for today is – Are you Grounded?


Recovering from Surgery – The energy battle begins!

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have read my latest newsletter and know that I am currently recovering from surgery and the added complication of anaphylactic shock which has left me shatter and batter. It will take sometime for my body, at a physical level, to recover. The surgery is what they call “blunt force” so my shoulder feels like it has gone six rounds with Mike Tyson and for the first few weeks looked like it too. The anaphylactic shock also knocks your body systems around and has completely wiped out the last ten years of resistance building, so I am now hyper-sensitive to all my allergens and then some.

Putting the physical trauma aside, I am also dealing with energetic trauma on ever single layer of my being. Any of you who work with Spirit will know that hospitals, in general, have a terrible energy about them and understandably so, but that does affect you when you are there. Normally if I am visiting a hospital my defences protect me from anything, but of course when you are ill they tend drop or at least get a bit shaky. So whilst in the hospital, when I could I focused on my protection and repelled as much negativity as I could. I also talked to my Spirit Guides as much as possible and kept my intentions clear as to my desired outcome.

Sounds good, and in practice after the surgery I left the hospital clear of any negativity. However, my life path had others ideas and the anaphylactic shock challenged even my focus and intentions. For those of you, who might not know, anaphylactic shock kills within 20-25 minutes unless treated, you suffocate or have a heart attack. Treatment is an adrenaline injection. Oh yes, I had to inject myself. What fun! Panic, which is inevitable in these circumstances, wiped out my clarity, protection and positive thinking; leaving me more vulnerable than usual. Fortunately my protection held and when I was able I focused on my Aura again and shielded myself.

This leaves me with the energetic damage; the surgery; the shock the body experiences having the surgery under a local; the allergic reactions; the various and many drugs taken; and finally but not least the emotional trauma. As spiritual workers we understand about protection and grounding and the need to keep out energy clear but we often do not speak about the impact of ill-health, medication and medical treatment. Synchronicity has played an interesting role as only a few months ago Master Chou did a pod-cast on Health & Healthcare, in which he yet again mentioned the combination of medical and spiritual treatments and how they compliment each other and improve recovery. Sure enough a few days after being released from hospital I went to see a Spiritual Healer (Martha Brett, a great friend and great healer) and had an hour long session. After which I felt so much better.

Martha, told me something I did know but relates to this need to combine treatments, she mentioned that general anaesthetic lingers in the energetic bodies for up to a year and the local I had been given could linger for several months.  That is not a reason not to have these things but it is a reason to augment your recovery with Spiritual Healing (or a form of energy healing). The difference in how I felt after one session was ten fold and I will probably have more sessions over the next few months.

We underestimate the impact of daily life on our Energetic System, let alone the trauma of any kind of illness and its treatments. Our Energy System is usually the last to get dealt with, if it ever does. So over the next few months I will writing about my journey to balance and heal my energy and integrate my pacemakers energetic signature into mine. I am hoping to add some exercises and thoughts for anyone who is interested in energy work or harmonising their own energy.

More thoughts to come soon.