Trance Mediumship: Shh! Quiet Please!

Silence Please

Quiet Please

Trance mediumship has lots of obstacles from your ego through to being detached, but one of the hardest for students, in the beginning, is being distracted.  Usually, the distraction comes in the form of NOISE.  Students comment that everyone was breathing too loud or they couldn’t concentrate when others were speaking and so on.

This has to do with one of the aspects of channelling and trance mediumship development at the beginning of the process you often become hypersensitive.  Things sound ten times louder than they are, even smells can be more acute. This is simply your mind and senses trying to compensate for the altered state you are trying to create.

Much the same as with meditation and trying to silence the mind you suddenly get random thoughts or an itch somewhere strange like your big toe.  It is merely part of our survival mechanism, and it takes time to overcome.  Yes, I am speaking about our old friend TRUST again but this time it is about trusting yourself; knowing that you are safe.

I always encourage my students to work through the noise barrier because the real world, outside the classroom, is VERY NOISY.  A hundred plus years ago if you asked for silence, you actually got it.  But today our version of silence often has a background noise that is 80-100 decibels in cities.

I gave a trance lecture – “Evolving your Energy” –  where Spirit stepped forward to speak about this dynamic subject to a background noise of roadworks right outside the window – and they were very loud.  Without training in getting past noise, it would have been impossible to enter the altered state.  Even the stage I was sat on was vibrating from the sound, but this is real life and real circumstances.

For Spirit to have a chance to talk to you as they wish to trance mediums and channels need to learn to work in less rarified locations and settings. Would I love absolute silence, of course, do I ever expect it, absolutely not. As a channel, it is my job not to be distracted, but to relax and let go regardless – something I aim to do to the best of my abilities.

So if you are learning about channelling and trance mediumship and someone is making noise see it as a gift, not a nuisance.


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