Dharma Day


Day celebrating the beginning of the Buddha’s teaching.

This day is celebrated by some Buddhists in commemoration of the Buddha’s first sermon. Some time after his enlightenment, the Buddha sought out his disciples to pass on his first teaching. This is also known as the First Wheel of Dharma. The word dharma translates as truth or ‘path to enlightenment’.

Dharma Day is seen a time for Buddhists to show their gratitude to the Buddha and other enlightened teachers who have shared their knowledge.

Today I will show my gratitude for Master Chou’s teachings, for me his wisdom is pure and crystal clear. It uplifts and bring light to those who speak to him or listen to his words. Chou balances his knowledge with humour and great care so that all can listen and understand. I am also fortunate to have a collective consciousness work with me know as The Oracle and their teaching is immense and very profound. Chou has had many lives on Earth and understands the challenges of human life, The Oracle has not so they provide a beautiful contrast to each other.

There are eight FREE podcasts made by Master Chou on my website – www.voicesofspirit.co.uk – that you can listen to. These are just brief explanations or insights into the topics.

If you are interested in more in-depth insight and information, check out our Downloads – these are recordings of the lectures Master Chou and The Oracle have given as well as conversations Chou has had on various topics. They are available for download for a small fee.


History or His Story?

When viewing your life be careful of looking back to often. History is not always an accurate depiction of what occur; it is always coloured by the views, beliefs or agenda of the writer and rememberer. History is very much the authors own story of those events as your life is when you review the past. Each time you look backwards you see it differently, but not necessarily honestly.

Your past is simply that – PAST. What matters is the NOW and TOMORROW. Those are things you can shape by what you believe at this moment. Looking back distracts you, confuses you and can leave you stuck. However, looking forward can free you and enlighten you; of course it can also frighten you. Do not allow fear to stand in your way or make you look over your shoulder all the time. Looking ahead or looking inward are where the answers are.

Part of knowing your inner compass is understanding what direction is about. It is not there to judge you; it is merely there to indicate what you have achieved. Place yourself at the centre of the compass facing NORTH – South is then your past and everything you have learnt. North is your future and everything more you will learn and achieve. East & West represent different aspects of who you are at this moment; your balance between feminine & masculine, physical & spiritual and creative & logical.

Your past is going no where, your future is going everywhere. Be creative and work with your compass, explore the different directions if you wish but do so to know yourself not to judge yourself, there is a difference. Remember, if you are standing in the centre of your compass all directions are possible; however, if you are standing to far in any one direction – it is time to move.

Thinking about the New Year

Dear all,

Christmas is just around the corner and already there is cheer and laughter and the bonding of family. My house is full of lights, Holly and merriment and of course good food. But my mind is turning to the new year and what lies ahead.

2010 has not been an easy year for any of us and it looks like 2011 is going to be just as hard. However, that does not mean it is time to give up but instead to charge forward with purpose and intention. So NO resolutions! Let’s face it come the end of January they are all out of the window any way; and they just become a way to punish or judge yourself. Instead I am thinking loving thoughts and being kind to myself.

So 2011 will be a year about me, sounds a little self-centred but actually it is about time. 2010 included builders and surgery – so a lot of external/physical renovation. Now the internal stuff needs looking at. Lots of working with my emotions, soul and higher self. And that will translate into the work I do next year as well. I will of course still be teaching trance and channelling but I will also be exploring more about the self from a Spirit perspective and let’s face it they have plenty to teach us we just need to start paying more attention.

Therefore one of my new year intentions is to get the word of Spirit out to a bigger audience. Any thoughts on how are always welcome. So one intention down, several more to write. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Christmas cheer.