Live it!

8a192-spiral_shell Whilst sitting quietly preparing for my latest Spirit Writing Circle I received the following piece of inspiration from Spirit. I thought it was simple yet beautiful. Hope you enjoy it. Sarah

” Expand your ideas, for in there lies the journey to discovery.

Discover the self and see the vastness within.

Within the one place where everything makes sense.

Sense your true potential and live it.

The Oracle”


Talking Spirit Guides


I am finding increasingly that more and more people are not seeing Spirit in human form, instead they are experiencing Spirit in all manner of shapes and sizes. We often forget that Spirit are not human, so they do not need to shoe themselves that way, they do that for us. Spirit is Energy!

Energy is boundless, shapeless and eternal, so that is how we should aim to see Spirit. In their true form – limitless. I often talk to my trance students about this as we need to break free of rigid thinking in order to allow the trance to be everything it can be. Your beliefs and expectation put huge limits on what Spirit can do and how they can appear.

Should you wish to work with Spirit, or get to know them, then start with yourself. You are afterall Spirit as well. My knowing yourself and your beliefs you can start to free up your thinking and allow yourself to engage with Spirit in a much freer way. Children have a much more creative mind than adults but it is that creativity that we need to rekindle and work with. Your imagination is a great tool for working with Spirit.

Afterall that is what drives a visualization, creates the colours and images during meditation. Do not think of your imagination as an illusion, think of it instead as an artist drawing pan and pen. It is the tool to assist you in making the leap from the physical to the spiritual. So nurture it.

Creativity is at the heart of being human. Spirit Guides are there to help you live this life to the full and fulfill your soul contract. They are not there to do it for you and or tell you what to do. Invite them into your life and allow your imagination to be their writing implement.