Who are you talking to in Spirit?


If I asked you who you prayed to, you give me a clear and direct answer. But when I ask people who they talk to in Spirit, the answers are mixed, to say the least. Often people are vague about it or give really specific names yet when questioned they don’t always know who they are or why they are talking to them. The answer is usually “I was told to” or “I read it in a book”.

Religion gives you clearly defined deities and structure, prayers to follow or guidelines on how to address your god. But spirituality seems to be a free for all. Ask this being for this or that, or don’t ask them and try these instead. Differing opinions and ideas. So how do you work it out, who do you talk to?

Like religion, it needs belief. Who do you believe in? There is no point talking to a being you don’t really believe in or don’t understand. They have to resonate with you. Some people love the idea of Angels but others don’t, some want E.T and others don’t. Spirit is Spirit. These titles are just descriptions or in some cases labels to help us relate to them. If it sounds fanciful to you, you won’t be able to connect as the critical mind will interfere and so it should.

Spirit step forward in many guises to ensure there is something we can all relate to and believe in. Think of it like going into a shoe shop – which pair are you drawn, do they fit when you try them on, are they comfortable? You won’t leave the shoe shop with any pair the assistant handed you just because they think you should have them, but people do when it comes to talking to spirit.

When you want to talk to spirit start at the beginning – Your Soul. It is, after all, a piece of spirit that is within and its guidance is direct and to the point. It knows more about you and your life than anyone else. Next, talk to your Spirit Guides. There are three who are with you from birth to death – Main Guide, Doorkeeper and Guardian Angel. There’s that Angel word again and it is there for those who believe in Angels more than any other spirit. Your Main Guide oversees your life, supports you and supervises all other spirits who work with you. They have had human experiences so can relate to what you are going through. Your Doorkeeper is about protection, they are your bodyguard; mainly for the unseen and energetic. Your Guardian Angel supports the other two and can do their duties if you only connect to Angels, as well as helping you with spiritual ideas and concepts. Other Spirit Guides come and go throughout your life helping out with particular experiences or things that you do in your life such as healing or mediumship.

If you need something more or different then you have access to the countless other spirit beings that exist. We’re back to the shoe shop again – but this time think of a warehouse full of shoes, how do you find the right one? Firstly, type – court shoe, trainer, boot; then colour, size e.t.c Spirit are no different. Type – Angelic, Ascended Master, Loved One, Communicator, Teacher, Healer and so on. Some of these have had human lives (Ascended Masters and loved ones for instance) and some have not (Angelic beings). Having had a human experience may not be important to you but give it a moments thoughts … would understanding what it is to be human be helpful when it comes to giving you guidance and assistance or not.

Think of it like this – your car has broken down at the side of the road and two people stop to help you – a monk and a mechanic – which are you going to choose? You would thank the monk for stopping but you would ask the mechanic to help. Spirit is no different. Some things suit some beings better than others. For instance, I wouldn’t ask the Angels what was wrong with a car, but I do occasionally ask them to help me find a parking space.

There are lots of books about Angelic beings and Ascended Masters – have a look through them. You don’t need to read them cover to cover, you can use them as a reference and see who you are drawn to. Pick one Spirit being and get to know them. Talk to them, work with them, build a relationship with them. This isn’t networking where you have the names of a lot of people just in case they can one day do something for you. This is more like friendship, real friendship, where you communicate with each other, respect each other and trust each other.

Of course, you can have a relationship with several spirit beings, just like you have lots of friends. And, just like making friends, it takes a little effort but it is well worth it.



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Trance Mediumship: Expectations


Working as a trance medium is not an easy path to follow as there are many who do not believe in Spirit communication. Harder still are those who do believe except for trance work – this they believe is simply the mind and ego of the medium and not spirit. They forget that working in an altered state was where it all started.

However, they also have a point. There are those who say they are working in trance bringing through Spirit who is, in fact, bringing through their own ego or subconscious mind. Trance is not immune to faking, whether that is being consciously done or not. The reality is that philosophy is easy to manufacture from the human mind without there being any spirit involvement.

Once the ego has got involved it is hard to get it out-of-the-way. This is why training is so important. If you are thinking about developing as a trance medium then be mindful or your mind. We all have expectations, whether we are aware of them or not; experiences in your life colour what you do, think and feel. It is important to come to trance work with a knowledge of your expectations and ideally clear of them with regard to spirit communication.

What I mean by expectations are – how Spirit speak, what they might talk about, who you want to work with, what you want to do with the trance work and so on. All of these ideas can be used by your ego and subconscious mind to manufacture what you expect to happen. This is why a good teacher, sitters and/or fellow students is important. We all need someone to reflect back to us what we are doing to ensure it is real. Those around you watching you work can heighten the expectation and feed the fantasy if they are not grounded and aware of their own ideas and beliefs. They can in effect direct your work without being aware they are doing it.

Be mindful. Ask yourself why you are embarking on this path. Do you know yourself? Do you know your own beliefs and expectations surrounding the work of Spirit? Spirit needs us to be clear channels – clear of expectations with a balanced ego, knowledge of self and centred energy. Once you have that the connection is amazing and the communication will shine. Don’t fall foul of someone else’s fantasy, know in your own heart this is for you and allow your soul to be your guide.



Writing Group Share

Hands United

I am currently running a monthly writing group for inspirational and automatic writing from Spirit. At our last meeting the topic of Unification was set – we left it open to Spirit to interrupt the topic, as we had been talking about the struggles in the world at the time such as Syria. I felt the pieces were really good and that I would share them – here are a few.


Unification does not mean pacifying. All too often in your history man has fought peace, bridled against it because you have equated it with weakness, with slavery, with disempowerment. But in true unification there is unbridled strength and wisdom. There is power without privilege. Power harnessed by wisdom is might directed and truth and bounty for all. 

True unification does not include – has no space for – resentment or prejudice or doubt. Most of your minds are closed to such a concept and have ridiculed or persecuted those few souls of greater wisdom and development who embodied it. 

For true unification comes from within before it can successfully be applied as a joining force with others.

True unification is between your soul, your spirit, your body and what you perceive as your mind. That is what you call being at peace with yourself.

But how many of you are? Unify yourselves – look within and still your constant search for peace outside. Find wisdom within yourself and then unify your little worlds – your family, your life. Only then will you have the depth of vision to look outwards with true accuracy. 

Unification is a concept that is beyond the minds of men. 

via Louise


Unification cannot ever happen with man. Each man is so different from every other man, with different experiences, culture, personalities, and environments. It is difficult even for a few men to be truly united in any way. They may have similar beliefs and outlooks on the surface, but underneath the real motivations and purposes may be very different.

We in spirit regard it as a blessing that man will never unify with man. What sort of world would it be if everyone believed the same thing and wanted to act in unison? Difference, change, these qualities are the life blood of all forms of life. Unification of any sort is always a fudge. Look to the qualities which bring about human evolution and development and unification will not be one of them.

Each man must exercise his own soul, and live a life according to his own nature and beliefs No one human set of beliefs is any better than another. 

via Christine.


We do not feel humanity is unified. 

We feel you are fragmented.

Disconnected from self, others, earth & spirit. 

We watch the gathering of minds and see little change of heart.

This current union is token. The absentees still object. 

Union, true union comes with acceptance not compliance. 

Humanity needs to learn the difference. 

Laws come and go but disharmony lingers. 

True harmony is permanent. 

True harmony is accepting. 

The world is changing, some for the better, some not. 

There is no balance. 

Union requires, indeed demands, balance. 

This is a token, a gesture.

To silence voices of concern. 

Sadly they will be and the horrors will continue for they will see this as a victory  and stop fighting for change. 

Unification is not the answer.

It does not offer a solution. 

For it does not address the underlying fear and distrust.

Enter into union with self.

That is more productive. 

Embrace the oneness of self and let the ripples affect the world. 

via Sarah


I hope you enjoy them and that they make you think. As with all Spirit communication if it does not resonate with you, let it go.

Best wishes,