To prepare or not to prepare for Trance


Being a channel for Spirit is a gift. However, it also needs to be taken seriously and respected as you would any professional job. This starts with training and dedication but also your mind-set as to how you see yourself within the work.

One thing that fascinates me is the odd mixture of approaches when it comes to preparing yourself to work in an altered state. It ranges from the INSTANT FIXERS who basically close their eyes and Ta Da; to the other end of the scale with RITUAL DEVOTEES who have so many rituals to do I am amazed they can remember them all.

Society is pushing more and more for the INSTANT, QUICK, IMMEDIATE but that should not apply here. Working with Spirit needs time and deserves time. Not only for Spirit but for yourself. It is an act of respect. However, the other end of the scale with all the rituals seems to stem from a place of fear or habit. If they haven’t done everything in the same order it won’t work. This shows a lack of trust in themselves, spirit and process itself. But both of these extremes are learnt so teachers need to be aware that they can pass on their anxieties to students as well as their complacency.

When you work professionally as a channel you refine the process each time you work, streamlining it and challenging it to ensure you get the best working conditions. But I would not teach that refined method to my students; they need to build their own. As a teacher it is important that I give my students the understand of the mechanics, ethics and purpose so they can carve their own path.

I love to cook. Cooking requires method, precision, science and creativity. Once you understand how eggs cook you can then create many wonderful dishes with them. It is about how you choose to put the ingredients together. But you need to know what the ingredients are first.

With channelling and trance mediumship it is about understanding the energetic reality of the exchange and the nature of Spirit. Building a safe foundation from which you can safely step aside, handing your body and mind over to a Spirit Being. Here is where your preparation is key. Getting yourself into the right space – both figuratively and literally.

I was once asked to channel something during a meeting in a busy cafe; clearly they had no concept of what trance mediumship was. But the look on their face when I said no was priceless. They had no understanding at all about how ridiculous their request was. They were of the INSTANTANEOUS group and were use to people performing for them.  Moreover, I suspect they were not used to people saying no.

Being in the right space includes location. In that instance I was not in a safe or practical place to work and would have been left myself very vulnerable had I played their game and performed. I would also have been doing Spirit a disservice. There is a time and place for these things. We need to take the SPECTACULAR out of the vocabulary and put this work back into the right vibration and intention.

Spirit do not step forward to speak for your amusement, they do so to convey truly important information and healing to assist us in growing and being all that we can be. The gift is in the message not in being chosen to deliver it. We are chosen to act as channels as part of our own learning about responsibility and balancing ego. The notion of gift can inflate or suppress an out of balance ego.

Training can only take you so far, the rest of the way is up to you and your own personal development and duty of care to yourself. I hold the work in my hands as a precious thing and as such do not want to squander it but that can also lead to suffocating it – I am mindful of creating a balance. A point of centred harmony.

Preparation should be approached in the same way – what do I need and what do Spirit need. And, above all remember not to become a slave to it; preparation should not be control – you should. The INSTANT verses the overly RITUAL are only extremes – aim always to walk the middle path; that is the balanced road and the true path.



Spirit Guides

Who a I

I am often asked about Spirit Guides,  so I though I would answer a few of the more common questions:-

Q: Do I have Guides

A: Yes, everyone does. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Spirit or not, they are still with you.

Q: Who are they

A: A Spirit Guide is a Spirit Being who has agreed to walk with you through this life for the purpose of guiding you and assisting you in staying on path with what your Soul is here to do.

Q: Is my Loved One one of my Guides

A: I believe that Loved Ones are not Guides. Though, they may assist your Spirit Guides in assisting you, they act as your Loved One.

Q: How many do I have

A: Everyone has three permanent Guides who are with you from birth to death. They are your Main Guide, your Doorkeeper and your Guardian Angel. You then have Guides who come and go depending on your needs – for instance a Guide may step forward to assist you with a particular problem or situation in your life and once that is resolved or finished they step away again. Likewise, those of you who develop mediumship or healing skills will have Guides who work whilst training and when you are working professionally.

Q: What do they do

A: Your Main Guide oversees your entire life – they also supervise all the other Guides and Spirit Beings who step forward to help you or work with you. Your Doorkeeper is your bodyguard keeping who protects from unseen problems and energies. Your Guardian Angel doubles up with your Main Guide and Doorkeeper for those of you who are more comfortable connecting to an Angelic vibration rather than a Spirit one. They all work in tandem with each to support you.

Q: Can I ask them for help

A: Yes, but be mindful of what you are asking. Spirit Guides can not tell you what to do, they can point you in the right direction or give you inspiration. They often do this through thoughts, songs, signs, symbols, white feathers and so on.

Q: How do I talk to them

A: Simply address your words or thoughts to them and they will hear you. You can also ask them to answer through a pendulum, oracle or tarot cards or spiritual tools such as a book like “The Book of Answers” by Carol Bolt.

Q: What do they look like

A: Whatever you need them to, or something befitting the role they are taking for you. For instance a Doorkeeper might appear as a Warrior, a Healing Guide might appear as a Doctor and so on.

Q: Do they have names

A: Spirit do not need or use names as we but of course they will give you a name if you need one. Ask them to give you a name and then wait for the inspiration – trust what you get.

Should you want to build a better relationship with your Guides then there are plenty of courses and workshop run on this topic and lots of books dedicated to it. You can also use visualisation to meet them.

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The Inner Compass

I have exciting NEWS, I have joined forces with three other amazing women to launch The Inner Compass. The ladies are Avril Price, Martha Brett and Michelle Hawcroft – all tutors and sensitives at The College of Psychic Studies. Each of us works with Spirit in a different aspect and has spent years learning our craft; through that learning we have gather a lot of information on being spiritual and physical in harmony. Now we want to share what we know!

Our goal is to assist you in navigating your way through life’s journey. Tuning into your soul’s map by connecting and balancing the different parts and aspects of self.

Those of you who read my blog and newsletter will know that this has been my focus for 2011 as so the synchronicity is perfect. As a lightworker I know it is not only about Spirit Communication but more importantly it is about the evolution of soul and the human race to a higher level of conscious understanding. Years of talking to and listening to Spirit has opened my mind and heart to limitless nature of Spirit and moreover our own potential to harness that for our highest good.

With these three ladies I hope we can deliver some unique and truly magically workshops and events throughout 2011 and beyond.

If you want to know more, why not join our Facebook group



Energy balancing continued …

Hi all,

I am still recovering from the effects of being ill in August and the on-going work needed to get back into energetic balance. At the moment my focus is on that fact that I am not grounded. Well, to be fair compare to many I am very grounded but compared to my usual self I am not. With my students we play a game about grounding where they give each other a score out of 10 (1 being not grounded at all and 10 being very grounded). It is good fun as it makes them connect to what being grounded feels like but also looks like.

Usually when we play this game my score is above 10, as my students recognise that I am very grounded indeed. However, at the moment my score is only 8. You might be thinking well I’d settled for an 8, but for me this is uncomfortable. I know I am not as grounded as I can be or like to be.

So I have put my attention into grounding more and working deeper with my connection to Mother Earth when I ground. At the moment my physical body is also no helping as it has reacted to me not being grounded by inflaming my achilles tendon in my right foot; which makes walking a problem and running for the bus an absolute no. Those of you who know about the energy of the body will be saying – ah thats a problem with walking your physical journey – well yes it is. My body wants to rest and do nothing else but my work commitments mean I need to strike a balance which I am not succeeding in doing. Let’s just call it a work in progress.

Being ungrounded for me, also means my attention span and concentration are not at their best, so I have to work twice as hard to achieve the same result as usual. Frustrating to say the least. But at least I recognise the problem. Many people are ungrounded and don’t realise that is what the problem is. When my students start working with me and we cover grounding they are often quite self assured that they are grounded and everything is fine. But once we do the exercise and they feel the difference there is a shift in them. After a few weeks, when they have been grounding daily as their homework, the shift can be quite dramatic. A simply five minute a day visualisation to root and anchor yourself really does have a huge effect.

My parting thought for today is – Are you Grounded?


How we limit Spirit.

Being a trance medium means being a clear channel. But what does that actually mean, firstly energetically clearing as many blocks and issues as possible, of course over time you will resolve more and more but initially personal development is required to clear yourself. Secondly, looking at your beliefs and expectations. We all have them, and they get in the way. Personal development resolves physical, emotional or mental issues but spiritual development is also required to raise your understanding of how it all works and why it exists.

Many come to trance development with very set views and narrow thinking and that then limits the work – remember “like attracts like”, so if your thinking is narrow, so is that of the communicator who works with you. Broaden your mind and broaden your Spirit communication. Beliefs are part of us and you will all have some and I don’t mean to dismiss them, but instead, to ask you to look at what they are and do they really serve you. Often we pick up beliefs from others and take them on board without really considering them or thinking of their impact on us. Know yourself, that’s what trance work needs. How can you move yourself out-of-the-way if you don’t know who you are. Personal and spiritual growth is part of developing as a trance medium.

Consider this, would you be happy for Spirit to speak through and say something you disagree with? If not, are you a clear channel? What are the boundaries  or limits on what you are comfortable with them saying, those are the limits you put on Spirit. The more open we can be the more we allow Spirit to speak freely. Chou and I, do not agree on everything, but when we don’t agree I sit back and think about what he has said and why I disagree, this is how I grow and that is the gift I receive for doing the work.

Being a clear channel requires an open mind. How open is yours?

Talking Spirit Guides

I am finding increasingly that more and more people are not seeing Spirit in human form, instead, they are experiencing Spirit in all manner of shapes and sizes. We often forget that Spirit is not human, so they do not need to shoe themselves that way, they do that for us. Spirit is Energy!

Energy is boundless, shapeless and eternal, so that is how we should aim to see Spirit. In their true form – limitless. I often talk to my trance students about this as we need to break free of rigid thinking in order to allow the trance to be everything it can be. Your beliefs and expectation put huge limits on what Spirit can do and how they can appear.

Should you wish to work with Spirit, or get to know them, then start with yourself. You are after all Spirit as well. By knowing yourself and your beliefs you can start to free up your thinking and allow yourself to engage with Spirit in a much freer way. Children have a much more creative mind than adults but it is that creativity that we need to rekindle and work with. Your imagination is a great tool for working with Spirit.

Afterall that is what drives a visualization, creates the colours and images during meditation. Do not think of your imagination as an illusion, think of it instead as an artist drawing pan and pen. It is the tool to assist you in making the leap from the physical to the spiritual. So nurture it.

Creativity is at the heart of being human. Spirit Guides are there to help you live this life to the full and fulfil your soul contract. They are not there to do it for you and or tell you what to do. Invite them into your life and allow your imagination to be their writing implement.


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