Modern Day Seance

Monday night my advanced trance students and I worked on bringing forward loved ones. I had planned the evening for them to be working in pairs but Spirit had other ideas. As we talked through the evenings lesson Spirit kept interrupting me and showing me images of seances. So, taking the hint, I rearrange the room for us all to be sitting around a small round table. We placed some candles in the middle and turned out all the lights.

Now, a original seance would have had one trance medium and the remaining people would be guests hoping to hear a message. So, our group was rather out of balance but Spirit always have an idea up their sleeve and we agree to work in tandem. This meant that some of the students were in trance whilst the others were alert all based on when Spirit wanted the students to go into to trance. Additionally this turned into quite a TRUST exercise as the pairing of loved one in Spirit and loved one in the room had to match.

No surprises for guessing that Spirit delivered with bells on. Two or three students were in trance at any one time and bringing through a loved one for one of the students who were alert. We had a box of tissues at hand and we needed them. Some of the messages that came through were very touching and truly heart felt.

Finally, my guides as if they could experiment and for the final fifteen minutes and we did some transfiguration. Well you could have knocked my students over with a feather as a moustache as clear as day was seen by all, well expect me. That is one of the down sides of being a trance medium you do miss some of the good stuff.

Any way we all went home elated and moved. Perfect.

Wishing you contact from Spirit.