Energy Clearing – Travel Kit


I was speaking to a friend yesterday, who travels a lot, about her recent trip. She had struggled to sleep due to the energy of the place she was staying in. We talked about the history of the place, it was originally a convent, and how that can affect energy.

I suggested she take a energy travel kit with her when she travels. Therefore, she would have to hand, some handy tools to help her cleanse or balance the room she was staying in. Here’s what I suggested she put in the kit!

A Vibrational Spray

There are several makes of these on the market, my personal favourite is Alaskan Essences. They have one called Purification (Sacred Space Spray). As the bottles are quite large you could decant a portion into a small spray bottle (Muji sell small bottles).


Either a piece of Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline. These work with deflecting or absorbing negative energy. The crystal could be placed on the bedside table for the duration of the stay. (She knows how to clean and charge crystals)

Essential Oil

Aroma is very powerful and several essential oils help with energy. My favourite is Frankincense. Burning anything in a hotel room can be difficult (due to smoke alarms), instead put a few drops on a tissue/cotton cloth and let the oil evaporate into the air. You can also put a few drops on the bed sheets or pillows (but be careful as some oils stain).

Sleep Aid

Molton Brown do a lovely gel that you put on your temples. It releases a calming aroma to aid sleep. There are also several sprays that offer the same, such as This Works.

We also talked about calling on Spirit for assistance with balancing the energy in the room so she could sleep and be peaceful. Firstly starting with her DoorKeeper and perhaps calling upon an ArchAngel such as Michael.

I have a lovely image of ArchAngel Michael, it is a small card about 2.5 x4 inches. It would fit into a travel kit quite easily.  An Oracle/divination card that had significance would also work. I often leave cards from my Ascended Masters pack on my altar at home, of the masters I am currently working with. One of those cards would also work well in the kit, as a visual connection to the Spirit being called upon for help.

Lastly, we talked about doing a room clearing, especially if the energy in the room was very heavy or emotional. A straightforward clearing using white light, with the assistance of Spirit. No smudging due to smoke alarms.

The nice thing about the kit is you can add any personal items to it that have meaning for you or you prefer to work with. Getting a lovely pouch or cosmetic bag to carry the kit would be easy and enjoyable. Tip: If you place a piece of carnelian in the kit it will keep the others crystals clean for you.


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Spirit Guides

Who a I

I am often asked about Spirit Guides,  so I thought I would answer a few of the more common questions:-

Q: Do I have Guides

A: Yes, everyone does. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Spirit or not, they are still with you.

Q: Who are they

A: A Spirit Guide is a Spirit Being who has agreed to walk with you through this life for the purpose of guiding you and assisting you in staying on the path with what your Soul is here to do.

Q: Is my Loved One one of my Guides

A: I believe that Loved Ones are not Guides. Though they may assist your Spirit Guides in assisting you, they act as your Loved One.

Q: How many do I have

A: Everyone has three permanent Guides who are with you from birth to death. They are your Main Guide, your Doorkeeper and your Guardian Angel. You then have Guides who come and go depending on your needs – for instance, a Guide may step forward to assist you with a particular problem or situation in your life and once that is resolved or finished they step away again. Likewise, those of you who develop mediumship or healing skills will have Guides who work whilst training and when you are working professionally.

Q: What do they do

A: Your Main Guide oversees your entire life – they also supervise all the other Guides and Spirit Beings who step forward to help you or work with you. Your Doorkeeper is your bodyguard keeping who protects from unseen problems and energies. Your Guardian Angel doubles up with your Main Guide and Doorkeeper for those of you who are more comfortable connecting to an Angelic vibration rather than a Spirit one. They all work in tandem with each to support you.

Q: Can I ask them for help

A: Yes, but be mindful of what you are asking. Spirit Guides cannot tell you what to do, they can point you in the right direction or give you inspiration. They often do this through thoughts, songs, signs, symbols, white feathers and so on.

Q: How do I talk to them

A: Simply address your words or thoughts to them and they will hear you. You can also ask them to answer through a pendulum, oracle or tarot cards or spiritual tools such as a book like “The Book of Answers” by Carol Bolt.

Q: What do they look like

A: Whatever you need them to, or something befitting the role they are taking for you. For instance, a Doorkeeper might appear as a Warrior, a Healing Guide might appear as a Doctor and so on.

Q: Do they have names

A: Spirit does not need or use names as we but of course they will give you a name if you need one. Ask them to give you a name and then wait for the inspiration – trust what you get.

Should you want to build a better relationship with your Guides then there are plenty of courses and workshop run on this topic and lots of books dedicated to it. You can also use visualisation to meet them.

Check out my website for courses or workshop –


Dharma Day


Day celebrating the beginning of the Buddha’s teaching.

This day is celebrated by some Buddhists in commemoration of the Buddha’s first sermon. Some time after his enlightenment, the Buddha sought out his disciples to pass on his first teaching. This is also known as the First Wheel of Dharma. The word dharma translates as truth or ‘path to enlightenment’.

Dharma Day is seen a time for Buddhists to show their gratitude to the Buddha and other enlightened teachers who have shared their knowledge.

Today I will show my gratitude for Master Chou’s teachings, for me his wisdom is pure and crystal clear. It uplifts and bring light to those who speak to him or listen to his words. Chou balances his knowledge with humour and great care so that all can listen and understand. I am also fortunate to have a collective consciousness work with me know as The Oracle and their teaching is immense and very profound. Chou has had many lives on Earth and understands the challenges of human life, The Oracle has not so they provide a beautiful contrast to each other.

There are eight FREE podcasts made by Master Chou on my website – – that you can listen to. These are just brief explanations or insights into the topics.

If you are interested in more in-depth insight and information, check out our Downloads – these are recordings of the lectures Master Chou and The Oracle have given as well as conversations Chou has had on various topics. They are available for download for a small fee.


Festival: Epona



Today marks the festival of Epona, a Celtic Goddess associated with fertility, maternity, cornucopia and protection of horses. She is often depicted with or on horse.

I wanted to mark the day by talking about the work Chou and I have done with a herd in Surrey. The herd is made up of 8 horses who have been rescued by Belinda and are now allowed to roam free as a herd as they would have done prior to mans intervention. Belinda works very hard to make their lives as peaceful and joyful as she can.

However, as they are all rescued each one comes with challenges due to the treatment they have received in the past. It was these challenges that first brought Belinda to Chou and I; she arranged a trance consultation and unbeknown to me planned to talk to Chou about the horses. After the session she told me how helpful he had been. It was quite a revelation to me; it had never occurred to me that Chou could work in this way. He was able to give Belinda insight into the horses character, past experiences and thoughts on how best to help them heal.

Since that first session, Belinda has consulted Chou often and we have been down to the visit the herd and work energetically on the land to assist the herd and people who lived close by. Mainly due to the fact that he horses are need several ancient battle grounds and other convergences of energy. Knowing Belinda and her herd has challenge me to open my mind up to working in different ways and connecting more to my own abilities – a trance session in a barn surrounded by twenty cats, a fox, countless birds and eight horses for an audience of five ladies (all who help to care for the herd) was quite an experience.

I know in my heart that I have only scratched the surface of what Chou and trance can do; I look forward to working with more horses both as myself intuitively and with Chou.




Channelled Spirit: The healing power of tissues


During an Inspirational & Automatic Writing class, I set the students the task of allowing Spirit to write a message about a random object picked from their bags. Often, I join in and do the exercise with the students. My random object was a packet of tissues; I thought Spirit’s message gave such an interesting take on them that I wanted to share it. 


“To wipe away your tears, to wipe away a runny nose. The humble tissue is a kind friend that catches your pain or joy and holds it for you. You may discard it or keep it, the choice is yours. The flow of tears is the body’s way of releasing and experiencing, and the humble tissue is part of that journey.

Made from trees it is Mother Natures way of comforting you. A simple sheet of paper that can bring you so much relief. It also makes the experience real, rather than imagined; it gives physicality to emotional moments. Thus bringing it through your subtle energies as a complete experience. The paper absorbs what you want to release as trees absorb carbon, it is a continuation of that process.

Trees are great cleansers. They also act as memory holders, that can be burnt to heal or transform a pain. Tissues are humble and often overlooked but they are also a gift from trees to you all. A comfort, a friend, a healer. The word tissue does not do them justice, do not regard them as meaningless, instead see them as a token from Mother Nature; a way that she may share her healing with you.”


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How do Spirit speak to us.

Just quick thought today about Spirit communication. We are always asking questions and waiting for answers but often we are being sent the answer but just not recognising it.

One of the fun ways Spirit convey insight to me is songs! Yes, you guess it, I can’t get a song lyric out of my head and usually it is a song I haven’t just heard on the radio but one coming out of depths of my memory.

Today seems to Fleetwood Mac! Now to decipher the message.


Trance Mediumship: How we limit Spirit.

Being a trance medium means being a clear channel. But what does that actually mean, firstly energetically clearing as many blocks and issues as possible, of course over time you will resolve more and more, but initially personal development is required to clear yourself.

Secondly, looking at your beliefs and expectations. We all have them, and they get in the way. Personal development resolves physical, emotional or mental issues but spiritual growth is also required to raise your understanding of how it all works and why it exists. Many come to trance development with very set views and narrow thinking, and that then limits the work – remember “like attracts like”, if your thinking is narrow, so is that of the Spirit communicator who works with you. Broaden your mind and broaden the Spirit communication.

Beliefs are part of us, and you will all have some, I don’t mean to dismiss them, but instead, want to ask you to look at what they are and do they really serve you. Often we pick up beliefs from others and take them on board without really considering them or thinking of their impact on us. Know yourself, that’s what trance work needs. How can you move “yourself” out-of-the-way if you don’t know who you are? Personal and spiritual growth is part of developing as a trance medium.

Consider this, would you be happy for Spirit to speak through you and say something you disagree with? If not, are you a clear channel? What are the boundaries or limits on what you are comfortable with them saying? Those are the limits you put on Spirit. The more open we can be the more we allow Spirit to speak freely. Chou and I, do not agree on everything, but when we don’t I sit back and think about what he has said and why I disagree, this is how I grow, and that is the gift I receive for doing the work.

Being a clear channel requires an open mind. How open is yours?


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